Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Light, waterproof, stylin' boots: Ahnu Embarcadero

My current light pair of stylin' books are lovely for travel.  BUT they not waterproof and are rather slippery, so with all the weird weather cropping up I find myself a bit slidey and cold with a sudden snow.  But if I'm on a short trip it doesn't always make sense to bring my stubby Keen Providences. 

Ahhh... Ahnu Embarcaderos to the rescue.  They're a nice basic boot with an interesting (and comfy hell) and they are surprisingly light for a waterproof boot.  Ahnu the company is also always up to interesting green projects, so it makes sense to support ther. 

Fit: I found these boots true to size and fit my narrow feet very well.


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