Friday, May 11, 2007

The Dorgan Amendment

So...while the drug companies are pushin' their products, the government's not to interested in keeping us safe from Big Pharma. I wrote earlier about the Dorgan Amendment (Read here.).

Here's a political opinion on the failure of the Dorgan amendment from the DailyKos. Sigh!!! I agree that Conservative are GREAT at getting people, especially the poor and disenfranchised, to vote against their own interests. Geez!

What is the Dorgan amendment? A sensible, necessary bill addressing drug price gouging and drug safety that of course got killed. Read here.

While we're on the subject:

The manufacturer of the potent painkiller OxyContin and three current and former executives at the company yesterday pleaded guilty to falsely marketing the drug in a way that played down its addictive properties and led to scores of people becoming addicted, prosecutors said.

Read more here.