Monday, February 04, 2008

For Local Yokels in RI: Ledge End Farms CSA

If you live in Rhode Island, you might want to consider joining a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. You financially help a farmer
put in his/her crop and you reap in the rewards (farm fresh food). Now's the time to join.

We have been members of Ledge End's CSA for years. Nice peeps, organic, they even tested the soil for heavy metals at our request. Besides meeting the meat, it's also nice to know where your veggies come from.

A little about Ledge Ends Produce
Ledge Ends Produce is located at the historic Briggs Boesch Farm in East Greenwich RI. This property was purchased by the East Greenwich Land Trust in 2001 in an effort to preserve a tresured natural and historic resource. Our farm is committed to growing high quality fresh vegetables and small fruits without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The main market for the farm is our 200 member Community Supported Agricuture Program. Throughout the season the farm is host to several worshops with culinary, agricultural and natural themes. The farm is always open to the public for walks on the trails or through the fields.
More info here.