Friday, July 04, 2008

Fireworks and Thyroid

I'm not a big fireworks person--the noise! I'm sensitive. But Mary Shomon from About.Com has another reason I migh tnot like them: My thyroid!

As America gears up for the traditional Fourth of July fireworks displays, scientists are looking at ways to make fireworks more environmentally friendly, while minimizing potential health risks. Chemical & Engineering News has an interesting story, Pyrotechnics For The Planet, that focuses on the use of potassium perchlorate in fireworks, and the connection between perchlorate to thyroid problems. You can also read Roland Piquepaille's blog recap of the situation at ZDNet.

Also, learn more about how the thyroid is affected by perchlorate -- which is a byproduct of rocket and firework production that is contaminating water supplies around the nation.