Wednesday, December 17, 2008

REVIEW: Ahnu Bridge sneakers for kids

Ahnu makes shoes with cool natural features like charred bamboo antibacterial, plus these shoes are designed to take a lot of wear. Our son loves these Ahnu Bridge shoes--easy on, elastic lace thingies, the big tab is helpful for kids with limited motor skills...they look cool and wear like iron. Nice to support an environmentally conscious company.

From the manufacturer:

  • Soft suede uppers and nubuck overlays offer support and structure with a touch of style
  • Shoes open up wide for easy entry/exit and secure with rip-and-stick straps
  • Polyester linings wick moisture away from feet and are soft against skin
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbent EVA midsoles cushion every step
  • 3/4-length nylon shanks under midsoles offer support
  • Nonmarking rubber outsoles deliver traction and feature a wide base for added stability without looking too clunky
The name Ahnu is derived from Celtic mythology, from the goddess of balance and well-being. The deity could accurately be described as an ancient version of “Mother Earth.” This choice of a namesake is both deliberate and appropriate, as Ahnu’s social and environmental commitment is incorporated in the foundation of every product that has been created and every business decision that has been made.

From the gold standard of factory certification (the footwear is manufactured in one of only 31 footwear factories in the world with SA8000 accreditation), to the use of certified post-consumer recycled fibers in the catalogs and packaging, Ahnu’s commitment is integrated through all areas of the brand.

The product goal is to achieve uncompromising performance by blending a modern aesthetic with the style, structure, and substance of the outdoor lifestyle. This goal has been realized through the emphasis on intuitive easy on/off technology and the proprietary QuiteLight™ construction, a system that enables exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and superior comfort.

Life should be balanced, responsible and fun. It’s the spirit that’s been put into each and every product, and the way that people will hopefully live every day.