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Jett Travolta, Seizures, Autism

There's been a lot of frenzy in the blogsphere over Jett Travolta (son of John Travolta)'s death. Was he not attended? Is John Travolta gay? Are they covering up his possible autism? What does Scientology have to do with this?

Besides the fact that anti-seizure medicines are quite toxic (to pancreas and kidney, it burns through most plastic), it's worth noting that "seizure disorder" has become a commonplace term...while we gratefully receive the imperfect alms of drugs and fail to contemplate what the suffering of these kids might be telling us.

Dan Olmsted is an ex-UPI reporter who started looking into autism and other neurological disorders and how the exploding rates of these disorders might have something to do with environmental toxins. Even after he was no longer employed with UPI, he kept on, like any good reporter, seeing where this story is taking him. The first few cases of the strange, heretofore unheard of disorder coincided with the widespread use of mercury as a fungicide. Olmsted is methodically going back to the earliest cases...only to find the simple answer may have been sitting in front of our faces (and still is) the whole time.


Olmsted on Autism: The Unnatural History of Seizures

Seizures By Dan Olmsted

The death of Jett Travolta has focused new attention on an old truth -- the benign-sounding "developmental delay," the catchall term for children who are slow to meet their milestones, can be deadly. My hunch is that this is especially true when the "delay" is environmentally induced, as is the case, I believe, with autism. That's why it doesn't matter exactly what diagnosis was assigned to Jett's disorder; its onset followed a febrile illness that seems to have caused brain damage; his parents believe it was connected to toxic exposure. And parents know their children.
For now, I just want to make a simple point: Environmentally induced developmental disorders kill kids. We've known it from day one. And just exactly what are we doing to stop it?

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Anonymous said...

Autism, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder are all potential pitfalls when a child doesn't have proper child development. I think all families should be wary of this.

Mahlon Smith said...

JTravolta, Seizures, Autismett

Re: John Travolta, Seizures and Autism

Regarding ASD, and particularly Asperger’s Syndrome, anything given to subdue diagnosis of transient mental health issues involving autism will fade or have a paradoxical effect thereby increasing manifestations of behavior for which the medication was prescribed in the first place, so Travolta’s determination not to use medications to influence his son’s health is appropriate, in my opinion: however, Travolta was misinformed regarding diagnosis of autism. It is a medical/neurological issue with mental health implications.

Autism is no mystery as pop culture medical health care providers would have the public believe. There will be huge industry and money to be made involving strong corroboration between mental health, medical and pharmaceutical companies alike who are spinning this as a mystery illness, which it is not. It is a neurological issue occurring in the cerebellum and has as it’s basis poorly developed Purkinje neurons. Medical research has proven this, but mainstream health care is avoiding it at all costs due to immense medical responsibility for care of autistic subscribers. These health care needs involve ABA, OT speech and sensory integration therapy. Pharmaceutical companies are in the mix with products that have absolutely no value in treating autistic individuals and in many cases even cause more damage through their use, but as long as they can keep the public mystified they will continue to exploit this neurological disorder to no end. Autistic people are poorly served without correct services.

Ahead of understanding the cause of autism it’s most challenging outward expression, panic, is a neurological issue involving Purkinge neurons (same for autism). Excitation of these tissues increases cell capacitance triggering a HPA reaction subsequently causing sustained anxiety and panic. Behavior for which diagnosis and prescription medication issue are based on acute/chronic panic which present in dehydration, focal seizures and a need for leg movement/dyskinesia, expressive aphasia and tone blindness, inability to drink water or eat food accompanied by severe fecal impaction, and inability to sleep. All of these symptoms are related to panic, but they are diagnosed by psychiatrists and doctors as psychotic behavior.

It’s true that puberty is a difficult period of development for autistic children, but that’s because they can not function socially competitively like their peers, and their increasing panic in these circumstances manifests in what psychiatrists consider to be bizarre patterns of behavior, which is hoodoo. Again, these children are at a critical turning point in their development where they need ABA, OT speech and sensory integration support.. Medication in these circumstances is barbaric and will even deepen issues with already prevalent issues with speech, motor control and communication.

Do know there are two forms of autism, and this information is not strange to medicine nor our government. The painful truth is Ronald Regan deregulated the production of infant formula alleging to free the people of governmental influence in the private affairs of it’s citizens, albeit a more sinister politics were unfolding. Without FDA regulation, manufacturers of infant could produce an inferior product leaving behind governmental involvement in what would become a 20 year research project aimed at mind control. Absent of Omega 3 micro nutrition, infant formula doomed children weaned from breast milk to formula to nutritional deprivation that results in neurological impairment of Purkinge neurons during infancy. That was only the beginning of a research project that escalated to massive medical diagnosis of behavior disorders and autism in connection with immunizations.

Autism is a neurological condition that effects development of Purkinje neurons both during gestation and after a child is born. Classic autism involves development of Purkinje arbors, and this condition results in poorly arborated cortical mass in the cerebellum. This condition is not reversible, but such children are nonetheless hugely supported through ABA, OT speech and sensory integration activities. There are limitations on cerebral functioning that although are understood in connection with this problem will not be elaborated here.

Asperger’s syndrome, or high functioning autism, is the result of poorly myelinated Purkinje axons, a phenomenon that can occur as a result of a parent’s inability to produce Omega 3 nutrition in breast milk during infancy, or it can occur due to a lack of Omega 3 from the infant diet. This brings us the diabolical nexus involving Reagan, the FDA and our government. Don’t believe me though. Just Read Reagan’s Bohn speech and figure it out for yourself. Do know that FDA began regulation of Infant formula culminating the government’s research in 2002, but formula manufactured in the US and exported to Canada remains unfortified with Omega 3.

Anyway, with a governmental research project well under way, things started to get out of control when children suddenly began developing autism after being immunized sometime between two and four years of age, and of course, it was fairly rapidly understood in the medical community that the cause of this was a chemical terotogen in the immunization, which is completely true. Of particular concern has been thimerisal, but other pharmaceutical adjuvants (aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate, formalin and synthetically derived methonal) are involved as well.

Thimerisal was used as an active ingredient in immunizations and attacks myelin. Children receiving immunizations manufactured with thimerisal and who were not breast fed during the first 24 months of infancy have been at high risk for developing Asperger’s syndrome and a cascade of related disabilities involving neurologically based problems with speech, visual motor functioning and visual motor integration and processing.

These problems are beyond ordinary services offered by school districts as special education staff and speech pathologists are not trained to work with disabilities of this nature. If anything, such children are over controlled in a process known to educators as psychological press, without correct services, and documented mal adaptive for placement away from mainstreamed classes.

Regarding Asperger’s syndrome, the Purkinge neuron myelinates during the first two years of life, and Omega 3 micro nutrition is necessary for this to occur. Infant children who do not receive an adequate amount of Omega 3 suffer poorly myelinated Purkinge axons which predispose them to the demyelinating effects of thimerisal, hence late onset of autism, or more appropriately Asperger’s Syndrome. This is dually damning for children who suffer from classic autism as well.

Clearly, Jett Travolta presented autistic in both appearance and behavior. What his father was allegedly obsessed with was the role of psychiatry in his sons diagnosis, which is understandable, but autism/Asperger’s Syndrome are not psychiatric diagnosis. They are medical. Did John Travolta not know this? If not, why?

Remarks for Scientology

Scientology does not recognize autism because it is understood to be a mental health diagnosis: however, autism is actually a neurological disorder originating in the Purkinje neurons located in the cerebellum, and medical researchers have known this for at least three decades.

Maintaining this as a mental health disorder cloaks governmental and pharmaceutical research into diet and chemical influences that can be manipulated to control human development, and Scientology has both the resources and need to expose this, for obvious reasons.

Autism effects communication involving receptive and expressive language and behavior which can not be corrected due to permanent damage to Purkinje neurons, and there are two forms of autism - Classic autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Classic autism involves poorly arborated cortical mass of the Purkinje neuron and occurs during gestation. This is a neurological birth defect. Asperger's Syndrome develops during infancy through poor myelination of the Purkinje axon.

A child may appear to be normal during the first two years of infancy but when exposed to immunizations containing pharmaceutical adjuvants such as thimerisal, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate, formalin or foods containing synthetically derived methanol, autistic-like behavior more commonly known as Asperger's Syndrome emerges, and this condition can be aggravated through use of anti psychotic, anti depressant and anti seizure medications. In medicine, worsening effects of the use of these medications is know as paradoxical, and those of us who have autistic children know this issue all to well. Again, these chemicals demyelinate the Purkinje axon creating problems with balance, visual motor processing and integration and auditory processing. In effect, the child loses the ability to communicate.

Scientology needs to recognize the medical basis which underlies autism to be more effective in providing support to people thus afflicted. There is a positive connection to be made between Scientology and appropriate/effective church intervention, but this can only occur where the medical issue is accurately understood so that autistic people can benefit from service which t his church offers.

Jett Travolta was autistic, probably strongly influenced by the circumstances described in this message, and maintained without support due to avoidance of connection with a disability incorrectly diagnosed as a mental health disorder. John Travolta had no way of knowing this even in social milieu. Mass ignorance knows no economic boundaries.

Again, autism is a medical diagnosis, it has a known neurological origin, and it is not possible to correct using mental health intervention or medication. If fact, medication has a paradoxical effect particularly notable on children with Asperger's Syndrome.

For those who are interested in knowing more about effective intervention for children with autism, you can learn more by reviewing literature about ANOVA/Santa Rosa and CASE/Napa, both in California. These programs are state of the art and deserve their day in intervention and resources for children who suffer from autism.

For John Travolta, I feel your pain. I researched and exposed multi-agency involvement in herding autistic children misdiagnosed as mentally retarded, this process involving our local school district, Kaiser hospital and regional center. This is a machine that will not be stopped by ordinary people, and I hope that you will reconsider the information you were given about your son and have the presence of mind to do what you can to empower change.

AaronD said...

I find it interesting that someone on here would come to the conclusion that Jett Travolta looked autistic. This is a very interesting theory. He actually had the appearance of a child with Fragile X Syndrome.

Fragile X Syndrome is the leading cause of autism and when children affected (mostly males) reach puberty they can develop seizures (roughly 1/4). This is one avenue that should be looked into before people start saying that Jett Travolta was austistic.

There are two particularily good sites to check out for more and These sites can fill anyone who is interested in on any details that they would like, they will probably have the corect percentage on the amount of kids who have seizures, I think it is 1/4, but I might be wrong.

I write this as a parent of a child who has Fragile X and see many resemblences between Jett at a young age and my son.

So if you are interested take a look at the sites and make your own conclusions.

And Konnie, autism, dyslexia, and ADD are not pitfalls of improper child development, I would be interested in seeing where you got this information.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Fragile X does not cause autism. The truth is many males are thought to be autistic when they have Fragile X. A simple blood test is all that is needed. Fragile X is a genetic disorder with autistic like tendencies. Please do not say things like Fragile X causes autism. Learn the facts first please.

Anonymous said...


Mahlon Smith said...

Fragile x would have shown up in Jett's appearance and behavior in early childhood. His symptoms came about during a period when children are vaccinated for DPT, and those are the vaccinations containing adjuvants thimerosal and mercury that have plagued children with sudden and unexplainable presentation of ASD. The truth is already known about these chemicals. Medical research has confirmed that thimerosal demyelinates Purkinje axons and micro-tubules producing problems with balance and coordination, learning, communication and neurologically wired panic. Also, panic in this disability escalates through some very bizarre stages involving presentation that although appears to have a mental health basis is actually medical. The behavior is actually a manifestation of stress dehydration and hyperglycemia.