Thursday, March 05, 2009


So for those organized ladies out there (or those who would like to be), here's some nifty Fertilstat software to keep track of your basal temps and predict ovulation with the aid of computer calculations.

I think the main advantage would be having all that history on your computer rather than all the weird pieces of paper and misc. calendar pages like yours truly. Plus, to maximize chances of conception, it's most important to catch the period BEFORE ovulation, and the computer can discern patterns faster.

As I am, alas, a Mac person, and this is WINDOWS only, I am going to pass this on to one of you wonderful GreenFertility readers. This also gives me the opportunity to alert you to a new fertility site,, that is just getting up and running--lots of "hard" medical info there that this blog doesn't cover, and I also hope to bring a little loving GreenFertility energy to this site, which is fairly IVF heavy and as you know I prefer "fertility" to "infertility" but again, there are readers who have successfully conceived using natural aids AND IVF, so there you go.

So go here: and comment...I'll pick a commenter who is at a prime number (1, 2, 3...5, etc.) as the winner.