Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Spray for Premature ejaculation

From the BBC:

A spray can help men with premature ejaculation problems prolong the length of time they have sex by six times.

Men who used the treatment five minutes before having intercourse extended their love-making from half a minute to almost four minutes, trials showed.

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This spray is called PSD502 and they are not elaborating what's in it. I wonder what's in it...It's always fun to prescribe drugs/chemicals for even small benefits, right?


vincent said...

Have you heard of PC muscle exercise? It's drugs-free and most effective method to cure premature ejaculation.

I do PC muscle exercise for years really work and it can improve male sexual stamina!

But there are 2 major pitfalls in the exercise. Timing and failure to locate pc muscle.

Now there's a new product in the market that put software & electronics into the exercise. The device is basically a timer that prompt user to do the exercise so user can fully concentrate on the exercise.

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GreenFertility said...

Ah, the male kegels. Thanks for the tip, Vincent!

Anonymous said...

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Herbal Male Enhancer said...

Sounds great! Certainly premature ejaculation is curable. If you are willing to put the effort in solving the problem, there is no shortage of solutions guaranteed to get you fast on the right track.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Charles said...

I never have tried the spray for premature ejaculation but I always have purchased Online Pharmacy medication and it works for me...

Jannis27 said...

I have never ordered spray for my premature ejaculation but I Buy Cialis oral treatment and it allows a harder erection.

Steven said...

Thanks for information shared on your post!

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Dave said...

Thanks for the information.

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Thomas said...

Thank you very much. I hope it works.

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Arnau said...

There are many such sprays including Indian God Lotion, Erect1 and many MANY others!

They all include some form of numbing agent - usually lidocaine or benzocaine. Just like at the dentist! This will work but usually it delays ejaculation for a very long time or completely.

They are not really a solution to premature ejaculation, just a temporary helper sometimes.

Henry said...

I have tried pemogranate juice and found out it works great for premature ejaculation. just a herbal solution no pills.