Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural Thyroid back on the market

Okay, for some reason doctors are REALLY against using natural thyroid products like Armour because supposedly it's harder to "control"--I think having natural thyroid might mean we get whatever unknowable thing is already in it. Synthroid made me feel WORSE. But I've been waiting with bated breath as the supplies for my Armour thyroid kept dwindling, and I was switch to Nature-throid, which was also having some shortages. But the good news, it's back!

From Mary Shomon:

Tuesday January 5, 2010
Good news for the new year. Today, Dai Jinn, Chief Science Officer at RLC Labs confirmed that Nature-Throid -- RLC's natural desiccated thyroid drug -- is shipping in the 1 grain tablet size. Says Jinn: "I can definitely say that the product started shipping last week. As indicated, it still may take a week or so to reach all of our clients and then a bit more to ultimately reach down to the patient level." So Nature-Throid 1 grain IS on now its way to distributors and ultimately to pharmacies around the country.


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Anonymous said...

I take raw desiccated thyroid hormone .For me, it is more effective compared with synthetic.