Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Toddlers now on psychiatric drugs

It's a little bit strange to me that uninformed random commenters often pillory me for using medical cannabis (read more here) with our son, as "it might screw up his brain." Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, including for things like labor pains, and it's about as safe as safe gets.

Now kids as young as two are being put on powerful antipsychotics, for which NO ONE knows the long-term effects. Also, someone here at Brown was actually cataloging pediatric DEATHS from these kinds of drugs (I think they were up to 45). From Natural News:

(NaturalNews) Children between the ages of two and five are being treated with antipsychotics at twice the rate they were ten years ago, according to a study conducted by researchers from Columbia University and published in the journal Health Affairs.

"It is a worrisome trend, partly because very little is known about the short-term, let alone the long-term, safety of these drugs in this age group," researchers Mark Olfson said.

Although a handful of antipsychotics have been approved by the FDA for use in children, they are intended for older children because few if any studies have been conducted into the effectiveness or safety of the drugs in younger children.

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Sandis said...

This is achieved by the catechin polyphenols in Green tea reacting with the chemical transmitter in the nervous system, this really is called Norepinephrine that will burn calories faster.

Anonymous said...

I have a 6 year old kindergarten student who has multiple psychiatric diagnoses including ADHD and mood disorder. He is currently on 5 different psychiatric drugs and has been on psychiatic drugs since age 4 when his parents just couldn't handle him anymore!
Its a shame they don't realize how much damage they are really doing!

GreenFertility said...

Thanks for this really interesting viewpoint!