Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toothpaste has that same stuff in hand sanitizer

Great, now toothpaste manufacturers are adding Triclosan, a chemical that is banned in Europe, to toothpaste and it may be causing (1) superbugs and (2) is an endocrine disruptor (a BIG no-no for fertility).  Also, you NEED good bugs in your mouth, they balance out the bad ones.  This whole suuper-disinfecting thing (using ammonia on meat, bleach on veggies) is getting a little out of hand.  For fast whitening and freshness, use baking soda (read secret to white teeth here) !  No one needs toothpaste. 

From the UK's Daily Mail:

For it seems an antibacterial chemical commonly added to toothpaste, including Colgate's Total range, may pose a threat to health. It is also widely used in handwashes and cosmetics.
The EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has warned that triclosan may promote widespread bacterial resistance to antibiotics and has called for further safety studies.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is worried about bacterial resistance, as well as evidence that the chemical is a hormone disruptor.

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read more about how toothpaste is spreading superbugs and disrupting your hormones here.

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