Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some foods you may be surprised are NOT gluten free

Yes, if you want to stay gluten-free OR begin a gluten-free diet, you should know that it takes UP TO 6 MONTHS for gluten to fully leave your body, so give it some time before you assess how you're doing.

AND ALSO, you have to be very strict with the diet. For son with autism, we just threw everything out  (i.e, gave it away) that had ever come into contact with gluten including the toaster. Because our whole house was gluten free, that helped me diagnose my own problems with gluten.

You may also not know that certain foods that don't look gluten contain gluten, like TABLE SALT (if it's cut with dextrose made from wheat). So do your best to keep up - the gluten-free community is getting better about figuring out hidden sources of gluten such as:

If you have celiac disease -- or another condition that requires avoiding gluten -- you probably got the basics down pretty quickly. It's a no-brainer that things like breads, cakes and beer need to be gluten-free to be on your menu.

But gluten can be found in a number of less obvious foods -- things like pickles, candy and even meat. What's more, not all of them are food. Certain vitamins, supplements and even medications may contain gluten, so make sure all of your doctors, not just your gastroenterologist, are in the loop.


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