Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Autism on trial

This is such a thoughtful blog entry by Sharyl Attkisson, the Capitol Hill Correspondent for CBS News, that I'd like to include some excerpts, especially as some of the autism-vaccine cases are going to trial** and this whole mess is a metaphor for what the BLEEP! are we doing to preserve our own health? Is anyone noticing all the degenerative diseases and how so many kids have neuro/behavioral problems?

(** don't forget years ago that the Homeland Security bill had an anonymous rider slipped in at the last minute that exempted pharma co's from suits by parents of autistic children. They wouldn't be doing such underhanded tricks if they didn't have something they were worried about IMHO).

With the first autism case now being heard in federal vaccine court in Washington D.C., it makes sense to ask: Why is anyone even still debating the possibility of a link between vaccines and autism? After all, for years, many government health officials, advisors and vaccine manufacturers have said there's no association.

Here are a number of reasons why the question remains open:

1. While government scientists, advisors and pharmaceutical companies have been responsible for infinite lifesaving and life improving medical advances, they are not infallible.

• It's the same group that originally thought it was safe to use x-ray machines in shoe stores, gave pregnant women Thalidomide for morning sickness and once allowed mercury in medicines. They assured us Vioxx and Duract were safe painkillers, prescribed Rezulin for diabetics and then denied any of them were responsible for patient deaths. If we never questioned that group, we might not have discovered that Fen-phen and the dietary supplement Ephedra are not safe weight loss products, that antidepressants in kids can lead to suicidality and Viagra can cause blindness. The list goes on.

• When it comes to vaccines, the same group failed to predict that the 1990's rotavirus (diarrhea) vaccine would have to be pulled from the market after infant deaths. They encouraged use of the oral polio vaccine (eventually discontinued after it gave too many children polio). And they allowed the use of a mercury neurotoxin preservative in childhood vaccines, only to admit later that they hadn't thought to calculate the cumulative amount kids were getting as more and more vaccines were added to the childhood immunization schedule.

• Recent history demonstrates that too often, government health officials, mainstream doctors and pharmaceutical companies aren't on the leading edge of alerting us to health risks; they're bringing up the rear. Patients feel left to fend for themselves, seeking independent research and opinions on their own. They and their dogged, relentless determination have often been the catalyst that eventually brings medical dangers to the forefront.

7. Those who say autism and ADD are not linked to vaccines do not know what is causing the epidemics.

• The most frightening part of the autism/ADD epidemics is that if, indeed, they're unrelated to vaccinations, that our best, brightest public health experts still have no idea what is causing it. Excluding ADD, one out of every 150 American children are now being diagnosed with autism.

One scientist who testified for the plaintiff this week in The Vaccine Court said there's a way to test children for a hidden hole in their immune make-up that makes them susceptible to bad immune reactions from vaccinations. He said that, ideally, every child should undergo such a test before their first vaccinations. But he also said the test is very expensive and so "not worth it." Many parents might disagree. If they knew such a test was available, they'd find a way to pay for it. But such information has to be disseminated to the public before a first step can even be considered.

Mainstream medicine initially said that autism was caused by mothers who weren't affectionate enough with their children. If that doesn't teach us that we should always seek further knowledge and not necessarily accept what's spoon-fed to us by certain experts…then nothing will.

Definitely, read more here. Thank you for speaking truth to power, Sharyl Attkisson!

My 2 cents: with all the handwringing over possible lead in Thomas the Train (lead gets on hands, gets in mouth, etc.) why isn't there more handwringing about MERCURY, which is much more neurotoxic and we INJECT it, thereby bypassing the digestive system, etc. Just a thought (you might also not want to stick mercury amalgams into your mouth--lead would actually probably be safer!).


Patrick Sullivan Jr. said...

While this isn't peer-reviewed science, I did conduct a simple web poll that had some interesting results: Of mothers with autistics, only 8% never had a single mercury amalgam (aka. silver filling)...see the chart.

Also, some big news in the world of mercury amalagams today: FDA Abandons Pro-Mercury Fillings Policy--To Propose New Rule.

Thanks for educating your readers about the dangers of mercury Marie!

-Patrick Sullivan Jr.

GreenFertility said...

Yes, most of the moms I know have tons of fillings...I am the rare person who has none, BUT my mother had HERS put in while PREGNANT with me, and we do know mercury is passed on through the generations...

Anonymous said...

Mercury has been out of pediatric vaccines since 2001. No drop in autism cases.

In the examples cited above (Vioxx, rotavirus vaccine, etc) it's true that a product that was thought safe was found to be harmful. BUT I think it's notable that in all these cases when the evidence of harm turned up, these products were quickly pulled.

Why hasn't this happened with vaccines that supposedly cause autism? Because study after study shows that there is no link, period.

Anonymous said...

A pretty controversial issue. I'd like to read more about it. It's really frightening to think about. But so is a new polio outbreak. But I thought that they were taking the mercury out of vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

mercury has NOT been removed from vaccines in spite of what big harma is telling us, see this comment from David Kirby's blog:

Dear David,

PLEASE stop saying that Thimerosal was removed in 2001!!! My kids were born in 2001 and 2003 and are extremely Mercury an Aluminum toxic from their vaccines. Confirmed hair, blood, urine TM, Stool TM, etc. (They also have excessive viral titers for MMR!) Doctors Data in Chicago ran tests on infant vaccines in 2005 and ALL of them contained Thimerosal and some had 9X more Aluminum than what was stated. (These were vaccines in which metals have been used.) Some lots don't expire until 2009 and they were never recalled.

Check out Congressman Dan Burton's letter stating which particular childhood vaccines still contain Thimerosal. This is per the governments own website!

In his letter the Congressman mentions a "body of evidence" showing in Thimerosal causes IQ decline, Autism, and Alzhiemer's. He also mentions how many childhood and other vaccines still contain Thimerosal even as pediatricians claim it is all out.


The media is already saying, as is the CDC, why is Autism still on the rise if Thimerosal was removed?! It wasn't removed! It is Denmark all over again but with the deception of when Thimerosal was removed instead of data manipulation.

Show me a study by an independant lab which shows that any of the current vaccines which used to contain Thimerosal still don't have Thimerosal in them. I don't think it was ever removed. But public perception will clear Thimerosal since they think it was removed.


Mommy to two beautiful boys who are losing their Autism as Mercury and Aluminum are coming out of their body and they are being treated for MMR damage as well.

GreenFertility said...

THanks for that last comment--have been getting private emails about it.

There is still also mercury in the flu vaccine which has been ADDED to the vaccine schedule since then, btw.

Anonymous said...