Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I think I guest-blogged on Lipstick Chronicles about my uber-cute and charming dentist in NYC--not the greatest way to pick a dentist (recommended by a friend who was also going to him because he was cute), but what was really cool, was that when I dragged MAN FERTILITY in to see him, he needed some fillings (no cavities for the FertilityBitch!), and our adorable dentist automatically put in composite, not mercury fillings. Of course back then what did we know? MAN FERTILITY recently got his mercury fillings out (put in by a different dentist, not Dr. Kent!) and feels so much better. Mercury doesn't belong in your head! Or anywhere near the human body!

(NaturalNews) Effective January 1st of this year, Norway has become the first nation to legislate a sweeping ban on the use of amalgam fillings in dental work. Previous laws forbid the use of mercury-containing fillings in more vulnerable segments of the population, such as pregnant women and children, but the new law is the first to forbid the use of the toxic metal without exemption. Mercury has also been banned from all other products produced, imported, exported, sold, and used in the country.

In a prepared statement, Norway's Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim stated that "Mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins. Satisfactory alternatives to mercury in products are available, and it is therefore fitting to introduce a ban."

Sweden has followed suit with a ban on mercury fillings effective April 1st, 2008, and other countries are now contemplating similar moves.

Amalgam fillings, which unbeknownst to many are composed primarily of mercury, raise the level of mercury circulating in the blood. Mercury is listed as one of the most toxic substances on earth and many who are sensitive to the substance have reported improvements in health upon removal of the toxic fillings. The Norwegian and Swedish bans come at a time when alternative composite fillings have become strong enough to replace amalgams under practically any circumstance.

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