Friday, April 11, 2008

REVIEW: Fertell--Do tell!

From what I have heard on the blog and beyond, there is nothing sadder that going to the fertility specialist (sometimes having to sit in a room full of pregnant women!) and do all the icky fertility tests. Especially the poor guys and those sticky magazines...

Well, now with Fertell, you can do some of it at home.

The male test looks at sperm motility and quantity (sorry, no pornos included) in some kind of base that simulates cervical mucous. MAN FERTILITY tried it out and his advice was to make sure you have a good hour and a half to concentrate on this because there are a lot of steps.

The female test measures follicle stimulating hormone, FSH (a measure of ovarian reserve) via urine, very simple (you need to let it sit for 30 mins). It worked great for me sending out beams of gratitude for a very healthy ovarian reserve. It doesn't give you a number, however, as a blood test would, but it will indicate if you "need" to see a doctor.[**]

The company says the results are 95% accurate.

Again, I'm all for anything that makes this process more humane and private. And of course I have to say, don't let this test take the place of medical advice.

[**] in an interview I did for my Natural Health article, of course the infinitely wise Dr. Christiane Northrup cautions that one should not put all one's eggs in the FSH basket, i.e., don't let that one number become a hex, if it is high. Lots of times docs will say, you have high FSH, so you're fertility toast, let's start the IVF! That is so not the case. Stories abound of women with high FSH conceiving naturally.

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