Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barbara's Cereals are now non-GMO; Annie's "Naturals" pro-GMO

I do love Barbara's jalapeno cheese doodles things but don't buy them because they may have GMOs.
However, I was happy to hear that the company is trying to switch to all non-GMO. They have started with their cereals. Check it out here;

On the other hand, Annie's "Naturals," which is so cutesy with the bunnies, is selling out to General Mills, which, according to RealFarmacy

General Mills was one of the most generous donators toward the campaign to prevent GMO labeling initiative prop 37 in California. They put $1,135,300 (as of 2012) into anti-GMO-labeling propaganda in Califonia alone.”

Read more here. Vote with your consumer dollars!

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