Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm in Minneapolis, but is Minneapolis in me?

I need to find some organic restaurants, now that Northwest Airlines has airlifted FertilityBitchGoddess to Minneapolis for the Minnesota Book Awards. My novel (Somebody's Daughter) by the way, will be duking it out with Louise Erdrich's, Painted Drum, among others. Wonder if she will get extra points for actually living here (my novel is set in suburban Minneapolis of the 1990s, and Korea) and owning a cool bookstore. Even more interesting, I am always being mistaken for being Indian (see the awesome MobyLives blog AND don't forget to take the accompanying QUIZ and admire the great poem Adrian Louis left me), so there are a host of comic possibilities here, as well. I'm sad to be currently missing the annual PowWow at Brown, where, last year, our sweet but impulsive child ran right into the Sacred Circle even though the program expressly asked people not to. Oh well, at least he was so cute (but me, chasing after him, was probably not so cute), everyone forgave him.

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