Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Pretty happy day. A friend feng shui'ed my writing office and told me I needed a crystal to counteract the slope in the wall that was deflecting my creative energy. I became immediately obsessed with obtaining one and rushed to the local bead store (this is a college town, after all) only to have the sales lady try to sell me some expensive Swavorski (sp?) "crystals."

After that, I decided I needed clear quartz (my Korean name, FYI, means Clear Crystal) and wouldn't you know it, there was some hippy type guy peddling crystals mounted for necklaces right out on the street, as if I'd conjured him out of my mind.

And the best part, when I found one I liked, he inexplicably let me have it for free, with his blessings. Great karma...hope it continues.

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