Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Acupuncture Stories

My late father, "Dr. Lee," was an acupuncturist, and so I guess whenever any of his patients saw this Ziggy potholder, they bought it for him, the result being we had about 8,000 of these in the house. So when he passed on I kept this, except I don't actually USE it.

I'm supposed to spend a few months getting rebalanced using the herbs, tuina massage, and 2x/week painful acupuncture. We're not supposed to "try" during this time, as the whole point is to get the downward flow going.

Only problem is, there is no flow, downward or otherwise. I'm late by about 2 days, which is weird because I'm usually very regular. I took a home pregnancy test, so I'm not to be pregnant. I guess it's good that it's something different...but strange.

p.s. Technorati has stopped paying attention to GreenFertility since about a month ago, even though I have been manually pinging--what a waste of precious time. A complimentary copy of my novel with LOTS of compliments to anyone who can get it going again.


The Worsted Witch said...

I never got your package. I am dismayed :(

Anonymous said...

Painful acupuncture? Marie, I have always heard that acupuncture should not be painful. I assume since your dad was a practitioner, you know... but I have always been told that.

ps - I love that potholder.

GreenFertility said...


I don't get it!!! Maybe I had your address wrong? But the weird thing, it should have come back to me at Brown. I was just talking to the office secretary about it. She's never known of anything being lost :( Those cute organic scraps! Let me check your address again...

GreenFertility said...


Ohmygawd my dad's acupuncture was way painful--he specialized in ear acupuncture. If the "gates" are blocked, it's supposed to be tender, as I understand it. THese folks I see now totally agree...they even test for the the sorest points before they stick the needles in--ouch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

This happened to me this past month and I've been on my accu-herbal program for almost 2 months. I did get my period 3 days late (I'm usually never late) and my period was a bit different when I got it - lighter the first day (good) and not so good the second day. I asked acu-doctor about what happened - I was really concerned - and he told me something to the effect that the treatment will at times be working on one organ which may push the problem to another, and that during this time a constant balancing back and forth may occur. I don't know if I am translating what he said very well, but it made me feel better! So don't worry - either you are pregant or the treatment is most likely doing something good for your system.

Hope your having a nice time off!


GreenFertility said...

Hi Ali,

I'm glad you're doing TCM as well--I think it's very powerful. I think any change you see is a good sign because your body is responding.

This time, I felt really great (high serotonin levels?), where with the preg. with my son, I felt crappy from the get-go and in fact even before I knew I was preg, I had this terribly flu-like thing going on, which I think was likely an immune reaction to the implantation. I really believe any toxic/immune burden we can take off the system helps!