Monday, September 21, 2009

Can pregnancy tests be wrong?

Interestingly, it seems like HPTs and even blood tests for pregnancy can be wrong! I am reading this great book (review to come) about a woman who was 6 months pregnant before doctors figured out what was going on (they kept telling her she had a cancerous cyst, it was all in her head--and that she should drink more wine, etc., incredible!).

A quick Google search unearthed 4-5 stories like this (mostly in response to women wondering why they have pregnancy symptoms but negative tests)!

Welllllll.... haha.. I got a negative blood test and SEVERAL negative HPT's... And.. I was definatly preggers... My daughter is 3.5 yrs now.. So.. Blood or urine... No test is ever 100%... (sorry).. haha
Makes you wonder.


WannabeMommy said...

I've googled this phenomenon myself a few times... it freaks me out every month as I wonder... "could the test be wrong??" But seriously, what are the odds?

GreenFertility said...

In the memoir I just read, the woman was ** 6 months along ** before she found out (via cat scan to diagnose her "cancer"). Also, home pregnancy tests I think don't work at all after the 1st trimester...but it seems some people don't get enough HCG until 2-3 months go figure.

Anonymous said...

UK fertility law is changing on 1st October!

Anonymous said...

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