Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Take care of your urinary tract health when there might be a vaccine?

There are a number of ways this "no apparent cause" might happen--not wiping front-to-back on the toilet can cause migration of fecal bacteria (ditto for wearing thongs). Peeing immediately after sex can be helpful, as is staying hydrated.

Now, why would you want to get a vaccine for a condition that may be painful but is hardly life threatening, when cranberry juice is apparently pretty effective (read here about scientific studies that back up this age-old folklore)? Oh, wait, there's no money in cranberry juice.

Fom Newswise:
Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections Shows Early Promise

Released: 9/17/2009 8:30 PM EDT

Newswise — Urinary tract infections are painful and recur all too often with no apparent cause: Ask any woman who has missed days of work due to one, or had to find emergency treatment while on vacation.

University of Michigan scientists have made an important step toward what could become the first effective vaccine to prevent urinary tract infections, if the robust immunity achieved in mice can be reproduced in humans.


Anonymous said...

AS someone who had recurrent UTI's for years, I can tell you they are not "of no apparent cause." They're caused by bacteria, plain and simple, and since I made a few changes in my hygiene practices I have not had another incidence for 15 years.

Here for your gentle readers are the key pieces of advice given me by the urologist who "cured" me:
-Wipe front to back
-Frequent handwashing
-Wear cotton underwear
-Pee after sex
-Keep hydrated
-Be very hygenic if you use a diaphragm or tampon, or switch to a different form of birth control/feminine hygiene product.
-Don't "hold it" if you have to urinate--go as soon as possible.

All common sense.

Anonymous said...

cranberry does NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesn't work for some people. i've tried EVERYTHING and went 7 years undiagnosed with a problem that was causing UTIs if I hadn't followed all the woo woo herbal "green" etc treatments and got my but to the urologist 7 years ago, my condition wouldn't be as advanced as it is. believe me, i'm all for healthy green treatments, but I find that some people including me tend to put blinders on and miss something that is truly wrong medically, while wasting time with herbs and cranberry and hyper washing etc. I got led on the wrong path by bad information and spent 7 years suffering when I didn't have to. my case may be rare, but there are those of us out there. so don't put blinders on. herbal "green" cranberry type treatments aren't always the solution.

Marian said...

I agree with what they have to say about cranberries, I have read few journals about them over the internet.

Also, the need for vaccine for cases ans situations such as this is higly advantageous, not only will you be protected for a longer time, evolution will tell you it prevents the mutation of these viruses and bacteria as well.

Nice read though!