Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Orwellian Greenspeak, here we come!

Hm, this reminds me when I saw BANANAS at a farmers market in Minneapolis. Read this old post about Walmart, the world's skeeviest company.

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Move over Greenwashing, local washing has arrived!
by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 09. 7.09

wal mart localwashing photo
Yup, that's the 'local' produce section in Wal-Mart. Photos via Grist

We're all plenty familiar with the advertising trend where marketers seek to portray products and services from a 'green' angle, regardless of their actual environmental impact. Well, perhaps such greenwashing campaigns have proved so successful (some 98% of 'eco-labeled' products were greenwashed last year) that marketers are following its lead to exploit another growing environmental trend--this time, it's "localwashing." Here are some pictures of the worst ads by big companies pretending to be local in order to cash in on conscious consumers.

Grist put together an informative/appalling/hilarious slideshow that demonstrates how big corporations--from the Venezuelan oil company Citgo to Starbucks to Lay's--have launched marketing campaigns attempting to portray their businesses as 'local' to cash in on the positive trend of buying and eating local.

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