Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mark Hyman, MD

Wow, I am not familiar with Dr. Hyman's work, but his article, Why Current Thinking about Autism Is Wrong, is eminently sensible...getting beyond the old blindered it's the genes! It's the parents! ideas behind autism and considering what might be REALLY behind this epidemic. Check out his theories and what we can do to prevent further harm to our kids.

Also, it appeared on the Huffington Post, which is fairly mainstream, so that's also exciting.

We watched this video last night, The Beautiful Truth, and while its execution was a little silly, it brought together many of the strands of healthful thinking that is now informing our family health. It was about cancer (which J has had) and not autism...but it's all part of the same vector, as you'll see.

Haha, it also explores MSG--I recently got in a fight at an academic conference over the MSG headache as a "cultural construct." When I tried to argue MSG is a real neurotoxin...well, I got my own headache from people yelling at me and telling me my problem was that I was a health alarmist and didn't enjoy life and needed to eat MORE MSG and all my problems would be solved. It was all a little hostile, and mean, like these debates about alternative health seem to get...but I'm happy and grateful our son's example has basically pushed us to rethink our lifestyles, which we thought were pretty darn healthy. There you go.

Netflix it! See the trailer here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I stumbled across this very informative site. I'm 33, my new wife and I are going to start trying, and I want to make sure I'm going about all this right. There is so much disinfomation out there that I'm not sure what to believe. But what I'm wondering is, can my sperm contain heavy metal toxicity? Is this a contributing factor or am I being too paranoid?

GreenFertility said...


I don't know if sperm themselves actually carry heavy metals BUT heavy metals can cause DNA damage, etc. Good news is (I wrote about this for Natural Health I think March 2008), that antioxidants and things can clear up lots of problems in only 3 months...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. I don't have access to that article, is there a link you cold point me to?

And thanks for the luck. My wife and I are very excited.