Thursday, April 12, 2007

Health Supplements Under Fire, II

I really like a lot of the news I get from Mike Adams, Health Ranger, and so when I got another message on CODEX, I thought, this is an uh oh:

When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA's end game. A new FDA "guidance" document, published on the FDA's website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as "medical devices" and require FDA approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket until April 30th. They tried to sneak this under the radar, but word got out and now the natural health community is up in arms over this rule. If you wish to protect your access to nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other "complementary" or "alternative" modality, it is crucial that you take action to post your comments with the FDA right now and write your representatives in Washington to put a stop to this outrageous effort to destroy natural medicine. (And be sure to really write them. Just sending an email has virtually no impact compared to writing a physical letter in your own words.)

Click here for the direct link to the FDA's comment posting page for this docket.

This move by the FDA is designed to once and for all destroy the 1994 DSHEA law that has made supplements "legal" while eliminating nutritional supplements and natural medicine from the United States, ensuring monopoly profits and control by drug companies and the FDA. It is the latest action item by the FDA / Big Pharma conspiracy that will not stop until health freedom has been abolished, drug companies rule the nation, and every citizen is diagnosied with a fictitious disease and drugged up on monopoly-priced pharmaceuticals.

Read more here. And MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

I just wanted to let you know that I posted links to this post and the compounding post on the Fertile Heart boards.

I realized I haven't commented in a long time, but I still check in regularly.

Thanks for all the great info,

P.S. - Julia Indichova has a new book out called The Fertile Female. It's really good, in case you haven't read it yet.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks, LSG! THis is a very important issue.

I hope all is well with you. Can't wait to read Julia's new book!


Susan G said...

Deadline has been extended to 5/31. This sounded so, well, dumb that I thought it was a hoax. Well, just another day trying not to fall under the steamroller. Thanks for giving it exposure.

GreenFertility said...


Thanks for the new and it is NOT a hoax, however, some of the PETITION websites are hoaxes!!!

Best to go straight to the FDA comments site.

And I'm glad that melamine in food is ok, but vitamin C is not...