Monday, April 02, 2007

Testing for Yeast

Okay, given the long list of symptoms in the last post on yeast, now you're wondering if you have it., There are medical ways you can test for yeast (e.g. an organic acids test that looks for yeast metabolites) but there's a quick and easy test you can do in the privacy of your hown home: the spit test.

Yes, sounds gross, but it's pretty effective, at least in our household. I test myself (usually quite yeasty, what with my history of antibiotics, the pill, etc.) by spitting into a clear glass of water first thing in the morning.

If you have systemic yeast, you'll see cloudy white stuff or white tendrils of yeast growing within a few minutes.

MAN FERTILITY is my control group--he's healthy as a horse and had no yeast when we did this test 6 months ago. I had tons....

...until I re-tested myself for this column. None! I think my cleanup of my diet and overall immune strengthening through the Chinese medicine was a big help. Again, I am not a doctor and this is only my experience, but you might want to check it out, as the test is pretty harmless.


MomTFH said...

Wow. This is a totally new one to me! Where did you hear about it? When I was in microbiology I wished I took the lab so I could learn how to culture my own almost constant yeast struggle.

I think I would throw the test off at this moment because I have a sinus infection that makes me spit out loogies constantly.

GreenFertility said...

Haha, the FertilityBitch hears about a lot of things! How did it look? Mine used to look like cumulous clouds and you could see it ----ick----growing within minutes.

You should try it anyway--first thing in the am. Your sinus infection may be related to it!

however, like I said, I have noticed a cessation in yeasty symptoms and the last 2 tests I did were clear (the first had a few little "spots" but the most recent was totally clear)