Thursday, June 29, 2006

Treehugger's FAVOURITE GREEN of the week

Hey Fertility Buds!

We were picked as one of Treehugger's Favourite (oooh, love that European-ness) Greens of the week along with our friends at Eco-Chick. I'm so honored!!! If you don't know about, you should. Check out the rest of the Greens here. What a weird coinky-dink, a bunch of us are going to see An Inconvenient Truth tonight.


David said...

Congrats to you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so psyched for you Marie - you deserve the props!!!
Much respect,

Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

wow. Good news for you!

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I tried lol

Anonymous said...


How di dyou like the movie? I plan to get it on Netflix.

Oh by the way I use the 9 tray Excalibur Dehydrater.

GreenFertility said...

Hi Vegan Momma--

The movie was a bit heavy on "gore" if you know what I mean, but it was really informative. Very disappointing though that the movie place was 1/2 full, and it was the arty-house theater on our campus, not, say the mall.

Tell me more about the dehydrator! I am interested in getting one bit am curious if the trays are nontoxic or not...i pretty much just good with glass these days...

Anonymous said...

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