Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Good News, the Bad News (More Acupuncture Stories)

Since everyone who takes the time to read and/or comment here is honoring me with their precious time, I've decided that in turn, anyone who wants to come along for this journey will get nothing but the straight stuff from me. No coy, hey, I'm four-months pregnant! announcements.

The good news and bad news all at once: I was pregnant.

If you've followed the other acupuncture/TCM posts, you know we weren't supposed to "try" this month, so it's actually an interesting sign that we did successfully conceive even though (ironically) this month we tried NOT to (reverse psychology anyone?)

It's still kind of sad when this happens, even when I KNOW I have the sludgy womb problem--what embryo wants to grow in a messy house? I keep imagining it being like trying to find some floor space in my messy office covered with books and papers and cookie crumbs (gluten free, though). I'm supposed to take the whole next month or two "off" and see what happens next.

p.s. I brought a bunch of cheapo early pregnancy tests from . This might just be my experience, but almost 2 weeks past my period it was still saying I wasn't pregnant, then when I overcame my cheapness and bought a First Response drugstore test the same day, it went positive in less than 10 seconds. Oops! Just an FYI


Anonymous said...

You... were pregnant? oh yay and oh dear. Sludgy womb? What is that. Ohhh what a process. I think good thoughts for you. xoxoox

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo sorry. Hang in there - you can do this.

The Worsted Witch said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Marie - I am sorry. I am glad to hear it CAN happen again though.
Your body will let it happen when the time is right. I know you have no doubt heard this already, as I did many times (and wanted to throttle people...) It is definitely a good sign though.
Sending good juju your way.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks, GreenFertility peeps!

~elise said...

keep tryin' will happen

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

So sorry for your loss. But the fact that you did conceive seems very auspicous to me. It's going to happen for you again and your Chinese herbs/acu/massage and your wonderful spirit - it's all going to work for you. Sending positive "vibes" to you ;)


Anonymous said...

k9 k9 k9 !!!!!

happy baby point befor during and after