Friday, March 28, 2008

REVIEW: BC Kelp's Bath Bags

Ever wonder why you feel better by the seashore? First there's the negative ion generated in the air. Then there's also the rich set of minerals you are getting bathed in; even if you don't go swimming, they are in the air.

We eat seaweed at home for taste and for its detoxification properties. Now you can have transdermal seaweed with this bags from BC Kelp, a small, family owned company that cleanly and sustainably harvests wild weed.

When you use this in the bath, a kind of slimy goo comes out. This kind of goo has traditionally been used as shampoo not only in Asia but off the coast of Ireland where some kind of seaweed (hm, Irish moss?) grows in abundance. You can use this as kind of a scrubby cloth and don't worry if the goo doesn't fully come out of your hair. You'll be amazed at how clean you feel and how detoxified. Don't forget to compost--seaweed adds lots of minerals to the garden.

I'm going to buy a bunch more.