Sunday, December 18, 2016

Perfect go-to stocking stuffers for a radiant holiday....

What to do about filling this?

I have a few suggestions. I LOVE Mineral Fusions' new lipsticks, lead free and comes in wonderful colors like "Delicious." And ALSO does not dry your lips out BUT the color stays. Really!

And who remembers Indian Earth? The all-mineral "makeup" that works with any skin tone? It's back !!  And you can get it in a teeny tiny terra cotta pot with a tiny pouf. Nostalgia and natural makeup--what's not to like?

Last but not least, my holiday season TRAVEL HACK: Nutriblade's wheatgrass shot means I can get a few in my bag and through the airport (especially with Pre-chek) because they are less than 3 oz, gluten free, organic, and full of nutrients--even better than Emergen-C in my opinion. Have not had a cold even in this hectic travel season and this is why...

And if you *do* start getting a cold, this Primal Essence Ginger zing was surprisingly good as a tea--and squirted into a chicken soup:

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for a year of wealth and health???

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