Saturday, December 16, 2006

HOLIDAY GIFT SERIES: Groovy Mind Gift Baskets

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Because I'm not very crafty, I'm all for outsourcing of the presentation aspect of gifts. You should see me at the Brown Bookstore, which offers free wrapping!

Gift baskets are another very nice idea, and The Groovy Mind fits the bill with their fair trade, eco-conscious, socially responsible and YUMMY baskets. I was even happier to see that they include Comanzo's baked goods, a local, family-run organic baked goods company. Here's the treats contained within the Tealicious gift basket:

--2 oz. organic Fair Trade, seasonally harvested Assam Rembeng Estate tea, classically bold, refreshing with a hint of citrus
--2 oz. organic White Peony grown in the Fujian Province of China. The silvery down of the buds and delicate leaves are hand harvested and brew to an amber liquid, a delicate cup, power packed with polyphenols.
--baked-to-order organic Caramel Apple cookies
--baked-to-order organic Pumpkin Biscottis
--sweet and spicy organic Chipotle savories
--and unbleached disposable t-sacs
Gift wrap and card included.

And, in case I need to remind you, the antioxidants in tea are fertility friendly**, the caffeine may even make sperm swin faster, and white tea, like this White Peony, is less processed and has even more good stuff in it. Have a tea party! (p.s. the baked goods are NOT gluten free) Check out this and other Groovy Gifts at

**Here's a post on how tea may be protective against ovarian cancer, which can be CAUSED by the fertility drug, Clomid.


Anonymous said...

you know, i sent one to a friend of mine and she couldn't believe how fabulous the tea was. not to mention the organic cookies... talk about groovy!

GreenFertility said...

Yeah, Comanzo's is great, isn't it??? Someday, if I ever eat gluten again....

Thanks for reading!