Friday, December 08, 2006


As a writer, I have a kind of animated relationship with books, which I consider to be more than material goods. I also tend to write in books a lot, so in a sense they do become "mine" I guess. Books are, then, another present that I think becomes more than the physical pages, etc., although as you'll see, these guys also have nice covers.

Try Simply Green Giving by fellow Korean American Danny Seo for some truly offbeat ideas (e.g., using old VHS tapes as pre-curled ribbons) for eco-wrapping ideas. Beats using old Biohazard bags from our kid's expired blood test kits, as I do (the bags are a cheery red--really!)

Inconceivable by Julia Indichova (who is also a really nice person, btw) is a book that's a lot more than about conception, which is why I'm recommending it as a gift book. It's really a book about life philosophy and finding your own path, silencing the negative critics in your life (including in your own head). I found it incredibly powerful, a lot of interesting ideas to take into this new fertility year. If you know anyone who's trying to re-take charge of their life, anyone who's being pulled in a zillion directions, this book would be great.

On a similar note, Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hasuchka Way is a "coffee table book with integrity." Susan West Kurz, an early mentee (is that a word?) of the famous Dr. Hauschka and now president of the company, has put forth a book that is beautiful to look at, and yet provides an important counterweight to the "surfacey" ideal of beauty that seems to be developing (please let me know and forward pictures if you spot any un-Botoxed actresses and/or ivory-billed woodpeckers). I know, I know, you're thinking, but this is another company that sells products! However, to give you an example, the book suggests you NOT glob on stuff on your face at night so that (just as Gramma used to say) your skin can breathe. There's also recipes (including DIY skincare stuff), and I will add that this comapny really does do its homework as far as toxins and chemicals are concerned. Dr. Hasuchka cosmetics are one of the few things the FB will put on her face for those rare TV appearances where they force you to wear makeup, so there.


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I love reading your blogs, and now i have the time i need to actully pay attention! The books look interesting. I'll have to check them out sometime, so how are you? If i remember from posts a longggggggggggggggg time ago, your son was sick/ is sick. I hope he does better for the holidays, he will be in my prayers (^_^)


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Great books, the first looks especially fun. Thanks.

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Yes, LOTS of very original wrapping tips (of course mine never look as good...)

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