Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm a in love with Lydia's Organics!

Just look at the ingredients in these organic, raw, vegan, sprouted DELICIOUS crackers:
Sprouted almonds*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, nori*, carrots*, parsley*, flax*, ginger*, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ & LOVE.

These are handcrafted crackers that don't stint at all in their preparation or in their ingredients. Wasn't I just telling you how soaked/sprouted foods are extra good for you? And there's also seaweed, which also packs a nutritional punch, and basically everything in these guys is sooo good for you.

I do believe you can taste the loooooove in these delightful crackers. These would be an awesome present for the pregnant lady in your life (forget Saltines!) or anyone on the go--keep 'em away from fast food or chips, your favorite vegan friend or relative. My son (okay, he eats raw kale and kimchi so he might not be the best example) also loves these.

Or try them for yourself, see what real living food tastes like (and, speaking from my own cracker making experience, soaking, sprouting, Vitamixing, dehydrating, and cursing when you forget to put the top on the mixer all take a long time and trouble!). Lydia herself is all committed to sustainability and environmental justice and her company and its products certainly reflect that.

PLUS: no gluten, no dairy, no soy, free of all common allergen, plus a bunch of ingredients great for fertility. I guess you know what's on MY Christmas list. Hello, MAN FERTILITY?

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Carla said...

I eat Lydia's products on a regular basis, especially since they are produced in the Bay Area (where I live. Gluten, soy, & dairy-free. What more could I ask for?!