Tuesday, December 19, 2006

HOLIDAY GIFT SERIES: Kwytza Craft's Chopstick Goods-- and promo!

Check out Kwytza Craft's amazing recycled chopstick products.

We were going to get this CD rack for our friend who passed away. It was just his thing: stylish, a little offbeat, and wow--recycled (sanitized, of course) chopsticks.

Their best selling goods (two of which grace our dining room table) are their folding baskets. Very attractive while in use (you need something to put those clementine oranges it, right?), and easy to fold away (also, reduced shipping cost), and MAN FERTILITY likes putting one inside the other to make some groovy nesting modern art sculptures.

And, they're offering some super special holiday prices:

Small: $5

Medium: $7.50

Large: $10

(nuts for nuts)

"Unfortunately, we are out of stock of the soap dish size right now," I am informed.

But you can also get 10% off the other items until Christmas. Tell 'em the FertilityBitch sent you.

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