Thursday, December 14, 2006

HOLIDAY GIFT SERIES: Organic Socks and more by Maggie's Functional Organics

If you have too much time on your hands this holiday season, try this: rub a cut onion on the soles of your feet, wait 15 minutes, and have a loved one (or an enemy) smell your delightful onion breath.

Your feet are like those cut stems of the carnations that you would dye green and blue for science class, absorbing and absorbing all those toxins in the biosphere of your shoes. It made me wonder, why do I wear 100% synthetic athletic socks, i.e., when my feet will be the sweatiest? Partly it was because, like many runers, I am partial to padded socks. Well, luckily, here comes Maggie's to help solve the problem (plus, I'm so glad these come in BLACK, to break the white hegemony). Here's a great stocking stuffer (haha) for the runner in your life.

And for the "this will look so cute on my baby!" types, this li'l dinosaur set is tres adorable. Just visualizing this photo sets the uterus aflutter.

And now a word from Maggie's Functional Organics: "[products] made of cutting scraps from the production of our Camisoles and Criss-Cross Tops (a perfect nursing top!) and help to save useable fabric from our landfills. The design of these adorable sets is another collaboration between Maggie's and the Fair Trade Zone, a worker-owned cooperative in Nicaragua. The sewing of these garments is completed either at the Fair Trade Zone or a sweat-free manufacturer in the U.S.A. "

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