Tuesday, April 10, 2007

REVIEW: Timothy Han ORGANIC+ ETHICAL Soy Candles

Okay, candle lovers, besides the danger of fire (keep candles away from curtains, please!) candles are actually one of the major sources of indoor air pollution. Conventional, paraffin wax-based candles have the following problems:
  • particulates/soot (plus, carcinogens)
  • petroleum derived wax (more carcinogens)
  • lead and other metals in candle wicks (highly toxic!)
  • artificial scents/colors (carcinogen and who knows what else)
I've also been a little leery of the new soy candles, guessing (as are a majority of soy products) that they are from GMO soy.

So check out Timothy Han candles. Organic, ethically sourced materials, and --this is a first--UNBLEACHED cotton wicks (no metals, naturally).

Elegant looking, the wicks burn well and don't collapse even without the little wire lots of manufacturers put in the wicks to keep them upright. And scents? With naturally derived scents like fig or bergamot/jasmine/mandarin and 50 hours burning time, you'll wonder why you ever bought a "sugar cookie" Yankee Candle!