Friday, May 05, 2006

'Roid Rage: Thyroid is a Key Player in Fertility

Are your hands cold all the time? Do you have a low body temperature (just take it right now, is it is lower than 98 F?) Hair falling out? Dry skin?

I used to show up for my yearly physical, and the nurse would always look at the thermometer and go, "Hm....96...did you just drink something cold?" When I'd say no, they'd shrug and say, "Well, maybe because it's cold outside."

Of course, when I started having my miscarriages, I started doing some research which suggested that it was possible, given my below-normal body temps, that my thyroid was involved, and when the ol' thyroid's off, all the other hormones get a little wacky as well. What a surprise (not!) to badger them into testing me and for the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)) results to come back and a whopping 9-point something (normal lab range is about 4, for someone trying to conceive, more like 2 or 1). My hands and feet have been cold practically all my life--who knows how long my dumb thyroid had been out of whack.

Even with my numbers clearly out of range, my primary care physician, my OB, and the endocrinologist I'd been referred to all hemmed and hawed about actually treating me. I procured copies of their correspondence, and while they all call me some version of a "delightful young lady," they all pondered whether, it's "worthwhile" to treat--to replenish my body with something in which it's deficient. My husband, on the other hand, went into our primary care guy complaining about something or other (sleep problems?) and he walked away with a script for Zoloft with the admonition to return for Viagra if the Zoloft causes "erectile" problems, and, similarly, for sleeping meds if the Zoloft causes more sleep problems--and, of course, to come back in for MORE ZOLOFT if he becomes more depressed when he can no longer sleep or do the you-know-what.

So why was I put off like I was some kind of Munchausen Syndrome harpie? I wasn't asking for Demerol...only thyroid hormones!

So the endo, sort of bored by my droning voice, put me on Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone--get it?), which in short order gave me heart palpitations, but did (coincidentally?) allow me to conceive and carry my son to term. Of course, I spent much of my time wacked-out and feeling hyper and strange on the Synthroid--so much so that I couldn't sleep when my son was born and thus my milk didn't come in.

It wasn't until I had a casual conversation with one of my son's excellent doctors who suggested something called Armour, a natural hormone made from porcine thyroid. The doc suggested that a naturally based thryoid hormone product has all sorts of thyroidy things we might not even know about, while Synthroid is is just a single hormone, levothyroxine, also known as T4). The funky smelling Armour pills plus my yoga and some major acupuncture action finally got me feeling better: warm hands, warm heart, no more of my husband screaming when I climb in bed with him at night. But talk about having 'Roid Rage.

Unofficial estimates suggest that up to 20% of women might have thyroid problems. Physicians vary WIDELY on how they treat. My friend who's an astute doc says she puts people on the hormones even if their clinical labs don't show anything, just to see. On the other end of the scale is my doctor who could hardly be prodded to write me a script, and then, he just put me on the most "popular" hormone--I had no idea there were others.

Educate yourself. Mary Shomon's Thryoid site (and she wrote a book and several guides) at rocks:

P.S. Dr. Beer and some other fertility docs feel that a TSH of 1 is just about right. And other people I respect also seem to think the clinical "normal" level of 4 is too high. Go by how you feel. You know you the best.


Anonymous said...

"So why was I put off like I was some kind of Munchausen Syndrome harpie? "
LOL!!! You have put into words exactly how I feel!

I AM a physician, and even so, have had some trouble getting the right treatment for myself and family members with thyroid disease. Meanwhile, my (physician) husband thinks I am "obsessed" because I have been reading and researching in an attempt to find better treatment for myself, and says "you think everybody has thyroid disease" - when, in fact, 3 family members I have referred for testing DO have it!!!

The problem, I think, lies in the deceptive "easiness" of thyroid treatment. The doctor draws a blood test, if the TSH is abnormal, they put you on synthroid, and follow your TSH as a measure of how much you should take. Doctors no longer see severe or life-threatening cases of thyroid disease, so it is thought to be a "mild" illness. Doctors no longer ask much about symptoms, since the TSH is thought to be so accurate. If they do hear about symptoms, it must be due to "something else", since your TSH is "normal". And yes, there are plenty of people out there who do okay on the standard treatment, so if you are one of the lucky ones who do NOT do well, you are dubbed neurotic!!!!

Best of luck to you.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks, Dr. Anonymous. Sooooo refreshing to meet a physician who thinks outside the clinical box. You go, girl-doc!!!!!

(and yes, there is also thyroid disease in my husband's family so I made hubby et al get checked and of course the TSH was "normal"...try explaining "sub-clinical thyroid disease" to them. One cousin FINALLY went back to the doc, at my harpie behest, and managed to talk the doc into runninga full panel--her peroxidase level was 20 times over normal--and the doc STILL said, "Well, you're thin, I don't think there's anything wrong with your thyroid"! geez!)

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the unlucky people who didn't do well on the "standard" treatment. I'm still searching for the right combos of medications.

GreenFertility said...


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the old 'roid. If autoimmune 'roidness is part of the mix (e.g. Hashi's) definitely please try the gluten and dairy free diet--it really takes a load of the old immune system and sometimes calms the anti-thyroid antibodies.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Your husband should get his hormone levels checked. Doctors are way to quick to put people on anti-depressants or ED drugs. The root cause might be low test, low free test, poor estrogen test ratio, low LH, or any number of other endocrine system problems.

cindi said...

I'm glad Mary Shoman profiled your post in her newsletter - your story is such a common one. I suffered for two decades before finally being diagnosed with Hashimoto's/hypo. I was almost dead before they would treat me...all because of a TSH test. None of them seem to know that TSH can be unreliable and doesn't always accurately reflect whether the brain/tissues actually have enough thyroid hormone.

Because of folks' stories like yours, the moderator of the yahoo Natural Thyroid Hormones has started a website
We're teaching folks that the docs are wrong....and their hypo symptoms need to be treated before they suffer permanent damage. Some of the saddest stories are the kids. Those with the predisposition to Hashimoto's are getting it earlier due to toxins in vaccines. The Hep. B vaccines is especially suspect.

Thanks for blogging about your experience - we must get the word out the hypo is not being treated right in this country since the advent of the TSH test and synethic thyroid hormones.

hart said...

I went for 16 yrs undiagnosed with my thyroid problems because my TSH was always within the "normal" ranges.

It wasn't until I finally got so ticked off at my PCP and insisted that she refer me to a top Endocrinologist that I was diagnosed. This doctor took one look at me and said, "how long have you been hypothyroid." When I told him I had been suffering for about 16 yrs., he was completely shocked. He did some extensive blood work on me and put me on a massive dose of synthroid and cytomel.

Then over the course of the next 3 yrs I went from being hypo to hyper and none of the endo's I saw could get my levels to stay constant by taking the synthroid and cytomel.

I had moved overseas by this time, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered some Armour Thyroid from an international pharmacy and started taking it with the blessing of my ob/gyn who agreed to do my blood work and help me keep track of where my Free T3 and T4 levels were. I have now been on a stable dose for about 8 months, have lost almost all the weight I gained way back 20 yrs ago (45 lbs to date) and am now feeling wonderful again.

I will add that because of not being diagnosed for those 16 yrs...I now suffer from osteoporosis and have been treated for peridontal disease which I have since learned are all caused by not having my thyroid treated.

All I can say to any person who doesn't feel right and is being put off by their doctor is...perservere, there is a doctor out there who is willing to listen to you and won't put you off. Take your health into your own hands and don't give up!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've seen estimates that up to 40% of Americans are hypothyroid--and as we know, probably 90%+ of those are not diagnosed, thanks to the TSH test. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone isn't even a thyroid hormone, yet that's the only thing most doc's want to test. As a result, I've been hypo for most of my life, was infertile in my 20's and hit full menopause at 34. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 46 years old and started on $ynthroid, which made me feel WORSE, finally finding Armour several months later. Even now, I have to self-medicate because I can't find a decent doc. The only thing ever offered to me was antidepressants. Geez!

So hang in there--you're diagnosed, you got the right med (Armour!), and you're going to be fine. Check out for LOTS of info "they" won't tell you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone ever tested my thyroid until I was in my late '40s and it became one of the standard tests my health insurance company would pay for.
I suffered for years with cold hands, cold feet, but more importantly excessively heavy periods. That went on for 4 -5 years - I wasn't bleeding for 4-5 years, I had very heavy periods every month or 3 weeks for 4 -5 years.
My gyno said it must be perimenopause and put me on birth control pills, which slowed the flow, for a while, then did D&C after D&C, each of which worked for a while, then didn't. Then, he told me to take 3 or 4 ibuprofen when bleeding heavilly to ease the flow, and after that, I never left home without Ibuprofen.
Finally, I got sick of the entire monthly blood bath and found a doctor who did an endometrial ablation to destroy my uterine lining 10 years ago, which solved that problem, finally.
Then 2 years later, when my thyroid was finally tested, lo and behold, I found out it was low - and by the way, being hypo can also cause heavy menstrual periods!
So, no one could have put this together while I was suffering? Perhaps if my thyroid had been tested in the early '90's I could have been given thyroid medicine then, and avoided all of the surgeries.
I have passed the ibuprofen tip along to many women, along with the "go get your thyroid tested" advice.
Fortunately, I must not have had Hashis when I wanted to have children, as I did not have a problem with my pregnancies.
I agree that men get much better medical care in the US than women receive. As soon as my husband showed the first sign of high blood pressure, our doctor put him on a diuretic, then added other medicines as needed.
When my blood pressure became "borderline", I was told to "diet and exercise" and I'll see you next year. After the doctor at my company took my b.p. (he cares more about me than my pcp, since I am valuable to the company), he sent me right back to the pcp with a note suggesting that he not wait a year b4 putting me on a diuretic, so my pcp finally prescribed HCTZ.
(Well, once again, I seem to have lost my train of thought, due to low thyroid induced brain fog, or maybe it's early demetia.)
Bottom line: Get your thyroid tested. Advise your friends to get their thyroids tested. And in the meantime, carry a bottle of Ibuprofen.

Anonymous said...


My thyrod doc, after I growled at him, uped my thyroxine so I was Into range (forget how much). But it really wasn't all that much better.

Then, after a 2000 yd swim at the end of a buissy day I went into the pharmacy to get some supplements, and I realized that my gout and my thyroid problem had a common actor - Iodine. Well a week later I got to GNC and started titrating myself with iodine. I trust WSO (World Sickness Orgnization AKA - WHO) to be short on their estimates of required minerals (Iodine is a 'mineral' vis diet).

Well I've got 2 tests, and a whole bunch of swimming results. I started high, and got almost dead center range (1.9), and then at the urging of the doc cut back the iodine and the next test was 1.2, and without I'm somewhere like 0.5 [above the 0.3 minimum].

Note; I have noticed my thyroid enlarge (I notice it while swiming, pressing around my airway). I've also been tested for Iodine, [at the lower dose] and came back negitive.

I'll see what my endo-doc says August.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say what a terrific and informative article this is, I just may send it to my endocrinologist(GREAT GUY) I THINK!!!I know longer have a Thyroid but I have gained about 45 pounds in the last 10 years! I would like to hear from you if you have any added information I might send my Doctor, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!! Joyce

Anonymous said...

Cindi mentioned the Stop the Thyroid Madness site--it's one of the best thyroid sites I've ever seen. I was AMAZED at the amount of information they have put together. Here it is:

GreenFertility said...

Joyce, I'm going to post a recipe where you can use seaweed, which has iodine. Check out the post on gluten and thyroid--sometimes removing wheat, etc., can also help your thyroid.

Thanks for looking. And for Hart there's a comment on osteoporosis and periodontal disease...

thanks for taking the time to comment! glad YOU have a nice doc.

GreenFertility said...



Please don't take Fosamax if your doc recommends it for your osteoporosis. First, it doesn't work (look at the efficacy graphs in the patient insert) and second, it's been linked to this awful osteonecrosis disease where basically the bones in your jaw fall apart if you have dental work done--big red flag with your periodontal disease!!!

Please take care,

Lyon Heart said...

Hi Marie, I too have had the same problems but I too do research constantly like Dr. Anonymous. I was told by my health insurance medical team, that most people with hypothyroidism also have very low levels of serotonin. The low serotonin creates bigger mood swings and the longer it is not treated, the less one can cope with a major life issue and major depression sets in. I am living through this right now and have had my TSH levels actually moved into the "normal" range while on a serotonin replacement (Cymbalta). If the knowledge of low serotonin levels in thyroid patients is prevalent, then why aren't our doctors giving us serotonin replacement therapy along with the thyroid replacement?

Lyon Heart said...

Hi Marie, I too have hypothyroid disorder and just recently received information from my health insurance medical team that most people who have hypothyroidism also have very low serotonin levels which increases the mood swings and depression.
If not treated together, the mood swings can increase in occurences and the degrees of high & low. I found this out because I am now being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and am taking Cymbalta to bring up my serotonin levels to help with my major depression. Only to find that my TSH levels are also moving into the normal ranges!
From having very low serotonin levels for too many years, my ability to deal with a major life changing event prevented me from coping very well and find I now need major drug intervention to keep me alive & well.
According to my insurance company, this is not new information and they don't know why our doctors don't treat us with serotonin replacement therapy at the same time as thyroid replacement. Low serotonin levels needs to check along with low TSH levels to see if they need to be treated together.
Thankfully, I am able to better deal with this major life set back with the serotonin replacement therapy and am not so low in a depression that I am paralyzed. I feel wonderful, able to get up and greet each day, rain or shine, with excitement, and refuse to crawl into a corner and give into the depression.

Hopefully this information will others get a better handle on their mood swings and depression...ask your doctor about checking your serotonin levels, it just might make a big difference.
Lyon Heart

Anonymous said...

How many thousands are like us! For my money, the TSH test doesn't speak for how you feel. I finally found an endo who really listened to me after 5 or 6 (I've lost count) that just looked at me like I'm "one of those hysterical females". I'm a concert pianist. After I crashed on 2 concerts, I went ballistic and demanded better thyroid treatment. Got rid of my internist who was a simpleton, determined to keep my TSH "right in the middle". Gag. I'm also a cancer survivor and my thyroid is shot from radiation treatment. As a result, I have Hashimoto's Disease as well as Celiac Disease. After having rooky, arrogant doctors lower and raise and lower and raise my synthroid, levothyroxine(which did nothing), levothroid (which gave me pounding headaches in the back of my head), I finally consulted a friend/family physician who put me on combo therapy of synthroid and cytomel and at higher doses than the other crackpots that refused to do because they were sure I'd die of a heart attack. My TSH is at .01 and I feel great. As my current physician tells me "you know better how you feel than I do - the hell with the test". He even has patients on 300 mcgs of synthroid (I'm at 100). I don't understand why current endos are so frightened of prescribing medication when it's made specifically for people like us. What's the point of having prescription drugs available if they don't use them? Bottom line and as my doc says himself "you treat the patient and their symptoms - NOT the lab test".

Allison said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about thyroid issues. My temperature has ALWAYS been a little below normal, and I've always joked about that. My skin is always dry as well. I've been tested for thyroid problems in the past but never came up abnormal. Maybe it's time for a new test.

GreenFertility said...

Lyon Heart and Anonymous--

Aha, thyroid disease often is also a sign your immune system is out of whack. I had an earlier post on why taking gluten out of your diet not only stops the anti-gliadin antibodies, it can also stop the prroduction of OTHER organ-attacking antibodies. This has big implications for thyroid, diabetes, etc.

And YES! Another post mentioned low serotonin is often a marker for immune dysfunction. Dr. Beer, my late immune system guru finally tested it and found it somewhere beneath the floor. He immediately put me on Lexapro--as a writer, I get freaked screwing with my brain chemicals, so I went off it (with his supervision) and started taking tons of St. John's Wort instead, and it seems to be doing okay. Haha, I just thought I was a depressive writer type. Thanks for sharing--really good stuff in all these comments!!!! Please stop by occasionally for more immune system stuff--even if you don't want to have kids, helping fertility is primarily about calming and balancing the immune system....

Anonymous said...

Hypothyroidism causes low serotonin in the brain. In fact if your brain doesn't have enough T3, all those brain chemicals will be off. don't let a doctor put you on brain-disabling SSRIs when you just need proper treatment for your hypo, which means enough T3 not to have the psychiatric symptoms of hypo.

GreenFertility said...

Here's the link to the post on how stopping GLUTEN *may* stop your Hashi's:

Anonymous said...

Story of my life until Armour Thyroid! LOL! I only got my diagnosis because I visited my doctor to get in the fatty program because I was unable to lose weight. Here was my weekly exercise routine: 3-4 times a day at the gym spending 2 hours doing high-intensity cardio followed by 1 hour strength training with free weights and machines. In addition, I was taking Aikido once a week for 2 hours. My diet was almost entirely vegetarian and only eating fish to substitute meats like beef and chicken. I got my protein requirements through soy (which I found out was a very bad thing for thyroids later on) and various bean varieties. My diet was almost zero fat, very low carbs and high protein. When I went to join the fatty program supervised by my doc, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I couldn't take Meridia, which was a good thing because it's an appetite suppressant and believe me overeating was not my problem. If anything, I had to force myself to eat in those days even if it was just a turkey wrap or a salad once a day. Food made me sick! I struggled with all the exercise I tried to fit in. The amount of exercise I was doing should have produced at least 1 pound of loss a week, but I was gaining 2 to 3 pounds a week. That's why I sought help. My doc promptly put my on Synthroid, which did nothing for me healthwise. All it did was make my blood tests look normal while my health and well-being deteriorated at a faster rate, which scared the crap out of me. Without drugs I never lost my hair or had sudden spurts of weight gain which at one point added up to a 20-pound gain in one month. When I told my doc this, she blamed it on salad dressing! Of course none of the various doctors believed that I was even active when I told them of my activities b/c they believed that as long as I was on Synthroid I should have lost weight doing nothing. BS! That's what I say! I finally fell victim to fatigue and had to give up all activity just so I could have enough activity to hold my job which often required 40-50 hours a week so I could survive.

I did finally find a doc who understood hypothyroidism better than any GP and endo I had ever visited and switched me from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid. You know what? Just taking Armour alone has made my body drop 25 pounds in 2 years and my energy is almost what it was when I was 18. I am 32 today and should not be having enery deficiencies. My current doc even understood the effect of high cholesterol and high triglycerides because of hypothyroidism. Both of those were rising at an alarming rate when I was on Synthroid, but now 2 years later both of those are now low. I was almost diabetic because of the ignorance and arrogance of my previous doctors. It was like they wanted to keep me sick!

50 years ago Western medicine had the philosophy to make people well and to do everything necessary to make that happen. Today it is a business and it benefits the pharmaceutical companies to keep us sick. If you are in the situation that I was in, my advice is to keep looking for doctors that will treat your whole self and not just according to your lab values. In my case where I feel healthy, my lab values would indicate hyperthyroidism because where I feel my best, my TSH is .02, and my T3 range is slightly over 200. I also take birth control pills which will give you a false high T3 result in your blood test. The reason for that is the hormones in the birth control pills are binding with the T3 (active and very important thyroid hormone) and your body isn't using it. A normal thyroid would compensate for this, unlike my thyroid which can't. Blood tests only reflect what is in the blood and can't show what is happening on the cellular level. Very few doctors know that hypothyroid women on birth control will have high T3 results in their blood tests and end up getting their thyroid meds reduced and getting their health destroyed b/c of doctor ignorance!

The only way any of us will get healthy and stay healthy is if we take our health into our own hands. If you doc gets angry with you or patronizes you if you bring information to him that he or she otherwise did not know, then you need to find a new doc who will care about you and treat you to get you healthy. If we all do this, in time the trend will shift because all the bad doctors won't get the business anymore.

GreenFertility said...


You said "Today it is a business and it benefits the pharmaceutical companies to keep us sick."

Yep, yep, yep. My Dad's a physician. A few year's ago, I woulda said, "them's fightin' words!" But now, scarily I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.

Munchausen harpies of the world, unite!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting blog. I've been taking low doses of thyroid medication for abut 11 years to shrink a thyroid nodule discovered during a routine physical. My endo. at the time said I should never let anyone prescribe a synthetic harmone. Somewhere along the way my prescription was changed by my prescription insurance plan and I thought it was a generic brand rather than a synthetic. I tell you this history because as I'm getting educated about al this, I have lots of questions. A year or so ago it dawned on me that my lack of energy was abnormal for me and because it had come on so slowly,I just accepted it as normal. My pcp suggested I be tested for a sleep disorder and was found to suffer from sleep apnea. Well, the sleep mask hasn't helped my energy level one bit. Eight or nine months ago I discovered the thyroid nodule had returned and there are now four more. Blood tests (normal range), nuclear scan, ultrasounds, etc. have shown that I have thyroiditis. My Endo. said I don't need thyroid medication but since I've been taking a low dose for a number of years it won't hurt me to continue it. He also said the tests indicate I'm not hypo. as I'd thought, but normal. However, the thyroiditis indicates I may be hyper. He's taking a wait and see attitude and told me to come back in 6 months for another checkup, at which time I'm to have a 24-hour urine test to see if I'm spilling calcium into my kidneys because I tested for osteopena. I also have periodontal disease even though I have excellent oral hyygiene. I'm new at this thyroid game and don't feel knowledgable or confident enough to confront my doctor.

Anonymous said...

To all with thyroid problems: you should check out Dr. Hotze's website:

I read his book on hormones, health & happiness and it explained EVERYTHING! He also has another website:

The upside/downside to this is that his services are very expensive because he is not in cahoots with the insurance companies, so they can't control or influence the quality of care that the doctor can provide.

An alternative is dr. Pharo.
She does basically the same thing that dr.Hotze does, but about 75% cheaper.

Good health to all.

"Hope is not a strategy"

GreenFertility said...


Thanks for writing. HYPERthyroidism can still make you tired because your body is working overtime, by the way.

The nodule is a bit worrisome. One thing to consider, you don't live in Utah or any place that's in a plume from nuclear testing???


Anonymous said...

Marie, You go girl!!!
Thanks for doing something positive and sharing with the rest of us. Mary Shoman should be a Dr. I am so excited to see that us thyroid patients are no longer silent sufferers. Uniting we will all have a voice and sharing our stories we can all learn something from them. It is such a misunderstood disease like it is no big deal. It's just my thyroid that controls all.
I too have freezing feet,hands and my temp is 97. My tsh is 0.02. My mother and both my sisters have hashimotos. My younger sister and I are powered by Diet coke because we are so tired. We take synthroid and cymbalta. Keep up the great Rosie, Houston

GreenFertility said...

Thanks for the nice words, Rosie! That's what keeps me a goin'

Yes, I too think Mary Shomon is the cat's meow. She's smarter than 100 incurious doctors, surely.

p.s. I'm going to share this tip w/the board, but instead of diet Coke (Google Rumsfield and Nutrasweet) try yerba mate' tea (organic if possible). It has caffeine, but it doesn't give you the jitters--I live on the stuff!

p.p.s., and try Armour, if you can. Yer TSH is a little low, there! And scary that you STILL feel tired.


Appealingpicture-cvh said...

You did a great job with your blog! Also Check out this new website about Thyroid Problems, just browse through the page when you got the chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get pregnant and have a TSH level of 3.8 - reference range .40-6.0. Since my doctor considers it a normal TSH reading, she plans not to do anything about. Wish I could find a doctor in the Denver area who considers this reading to be hypothyroidism...

Anonymous said...

I have a thyroid question that is a little different, however, I am praying that someone out there could help. When I was pregnant with my son who is now 10 years old. My "not so smart" OB of a doctor found a lump on my thyroid and said that it was nothing to be concerned with. If I knew what I know now. I would have question even harder. However, I didn't even know what a thyroid was. Now, my son at 10 years old has a very difficult time at school. He has been diagnoised with adhd however, we have tired every prescription medicine known and nothing has worked. I have just recently learned the importance of a healthy thyroid during pregnancy. I am very sad because my sons brain was not properly developed due to my doctor saying that I have a lump ( which later turned out to be thyroid cancer) and it was nothing to be concerned with. If there is any advise what so ever. I am so desperate to help my son, OH. I didn't mention that he just recently had a TSH and a T4 and they both came back normal. Please help. Thank you from my heart.

GreenFertility said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. ANY nodule in the thyroid area should be considered suspicious.

You are not wrong: thyroid is actually a big issue in adhd and autism. I'd suggest starting at Google and/or and searching on thyroid--I think you'll see lots of posts from parents who are trying different things, parents whose kids have been helped by thyroid meds.

At the very least, you should try to make sure your son is getting enough iodine...natural sources like kelp are the best!


Anonymous said...

I am a 46yr old female living in he Hawaiian Islands. I have had an overactive thyroid so the doctor's claim. I was feeling really like I had poor immune issues because I felt like I was run down all the time and unable to deal with getting up every day. I only started feeling this way after a massive amount of stress hit my life. My 14yr marriage was ending and my whole world crashed and I lost my home, my business my finances and everything overnight. This is when the pressure surfaced the problem. Upon going to the after hours clinc a couple of times the doctors ran some tests and told me I had a hole in my heart and that my blood pressure was sky high and that if it did not come down I would die of an overworked heart. They started me on some blood pressure medication and I got very sick from it and could not breathe. They tried a sister drug to this drug and I came back the next day rushed into emergency not being able to breathe. I was also allergic to this drug as well. After months of things nothing changed but they did suspect thyroid problems and gave me to the specialist at my local clinic. They sent me to the next largest island Oahu 20min away from my home island. I saw a lady specialist that confirmed that I had an overactive thyroid and that I would require radiation. I prayed about it for a couple of years and in the mean time my current husband told me now that he looks back that I was unbearable to be with we could not hold a decent conversation and everything seemed really big. He tells me today that He seriously thought of leaving me. I did not see myself as that. I just remember having a habit of talking really fast which I never had until the disease took over. After praying and nothing changed I prayed differently and said if it is meant to be that I have the radiation then an appointment will open within a week because I really don't want to do this but I am desperate for an answer. I was not sleeping and people thought I was on drugs. They literally told me that they felt I was drugging out. I am far from that type of person. I am a mother of 5 children and 10 grandchildren and I come from a Leave It To Beaver type of family who never swore, went to church, and I grew up on a farm in the country on an island. I had very limited exposure to anything. I called for the appointment and they are usually very busy on Oahu to get into any type of radiology appointment because all islands go there for MRI'S, Scans etc. They called me and told me that they had an appointment available and I took it and went. I did the radio active iodine and nothing changed. They did not even give it time to take effect when the clinic called and told me they did not administer the proper dose they needed to do it over again. I was reluctant to comply but did and I have had nothing but problems since. I went from a size 9-10 to a size 20 and it seemed to come on very fast. I worked out daily at the fitness place and I would do tredmill 45min at a fast pace and they whole upper and lower body trainning circuit and I could maintain a great shape for my age. Now I cannot lose much. I had gone on two types of weight loss drugs from Meridia to Xenical and the Meridia was working for me but my blood pressure became an issue. The doctor took me off of the Meridia and put me on Xenical. The period of time all this took place was from 1995 diagnosis, 2000 radiation of the thyroid, 2007 currently taking Armour Thyroid. I was allergic to the orange dye in the synthroid so I had to discontinue it. I was given levo 75mg and that only worked for a short time. I then developed high blood pressure and they gave me linosporil it made me super ill to the point of thinking I was coming down with a severe cold or flu and I had a weird throat thing going on. Something told me to look at the side affects and sure enough I had all of them. I got off of it. During the course of going off and on to the doctor's a temp there told me to have a heart scan and be done with the issue of the whole in the heart. I did and the specialist told me I had no heart murmur and that my heart was super healthy. They warned me to go to the doctor who specializes in the type of illness you have not just a general doctor. This proves that the ER doctor's were wrong and they took x-rays and told me that is why they thought I had a whole in my heart. Bunk! Almost a year ago I had called a girl friend who suffered from 21 illnesses and she had gained an obscene amount of weight and was on a breathing machine at night for her sleep apnea and she had clpd and diabetes, high blood pressure, narcalepsy, and she had cushings and much more. She had called me and told me that she was feeling better and she had the answer I was looking for. I was miserable and wishing I would check out of the planet. I would wake up to look at the day and wish it was night. I was not able to face myself in the mirror or see people. I hated going out because I was not me. I have not felt like me in a long, long, while. I told her I felt like I was literally dying. She introduced me to this website and my life has changed for the better. website: and the products that are bio engineered natural and with the help of Dr. Cindy Bates a Dr. of Natural Medicine,research chemist, chiropractor,she does acupucture, and she is the world's leading nutritionist I can say I am on the road to pure and nature recovery. I am staying away from the doctor's they are trying to kill me. I have found out that natural methods are the best. It worked for me the product they have called Microhydrin Plus reverses aging after being taken two capsules twice a day for 6mon. it reverses 10yrs or aging. People look at me and have commented on the changes that they see in me as you look younger what are you doing to yourself. I am finally at peace with myself inside and out. I have hope now to get out of my house and go to the ocean once a day and exercise in the ocean and face the day with a smile. My weight is coming off with the product called 10days of chocolate which is delicious and easy to take. I lost 15 lbs in my first week and more there after. I feel stronger and more alive and able to deal with my grand kids. I thank God for my Best friend in California who took the time to tell me about these products. I sent an e-mail to the e-mail address and the doctor was called on my behalf and she called me and told me what to get after hearing what was done and what I had gone through. I really liked the part when they told me that everyone is different and they have never had any returns but if for whatever reason I was not satisfied with the product I could return it without question even if the bottles were empty. I invested in the Champion Pack and have been taking the products for almost a year and I can say they are well worth the money knowing that I am precription free except for the armour thyroid. I hope to be free of that soon. I understand that the thyroid can grow back but that what the doctor's did to me was very bad. Dr. Bates believes that I was not suppose to have the double radiation. She said to me that I did not have a thyroid problem to begin with. The diagnosis suppose to have been adreninal gland burn out. My thyroid was murdered carelessly. She old me that I can sue the doctor's involved and that if God wanted me to be born without a thyroid I would not have had one. I am not quick to go to the doctor's at all. I don't feel safe taking a mammogram I heard it causes breast cancer. When you bruise the breast and then radiate it it causes the cancer. I will not go for one. All I can say is that the before going on the natural products the doctors were going to put me on cholestrol medicine and diabetic medication only because the numbers were not low enough. I told them I wanted a chance to lower them myelf. It was almost normal and they disagreed and told me they were still going to put me on these medications and stopped going in. Later they tested me after taking the products and all things were normal. No additional drugs needed. I will never trust a drug society. I trust my gut instinct, I pray and I wait for the right answer. It will come. My answer to a miracle came through a girl friend who suffered at the hands of fen fen. Don't be deceived! There is a logical answer. Your gut feeling is not wrong. I hope that by sharing this testimony that someone has hope and does not want to checkout of this world like I did. If I can overcome all my tragedies so can you. Pray and believe and you too can have your miracle!

Anonymous said...

This is really helpful. I have been doing fertility treatments for about a year (I have early menopause in my family); and have had cold hands and feet for years. Apparently a TSH test last year w 5.4 went unnoticed by the fertility doctors, who are reproductive endocrinologists. Only w my new doctor, who suggested a retest, we found it had shot up to 11! But even my doctor was unwilling to treat it, calling it "subclinical hypothyroidism", until I said I read that 1-3 is normal. Thankfully I got referred to a great reproductive endocrinologist who started me on thyroxine, and suggested not to begin another fertility cycle until my TSH is down significantly.

Its scary that this could have gone unnoticed- and that there is so much more we are not told.

BTW I was reading quite a bit recently on the connection between mercury-amalgam fillings in dentistry, and thyroid problems. Check out
for articles on that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dr. Anonymous, it was really helpful.

Anonymous said...

I too have hypothyriodism. I was 14 years when i found out I had hyperthyroidism. I began to feel very anxious and my heart beat one time at 128 beats per minute. I got send to a heart doctor. and then to an endo who finally figured out what was wrong with me. It's not too common for teenagers to have thyroid problems. i had only weighed 94 pds. and they took tests and said they thought i should get radiation done on my thyroid. so i did so and 2 months later i started to feel very weak and i wouldn't even get out of bed. and i finally got pills because i now have hypothyriodism. I take synthroid but my period is still irregular. it was irregular for about 1 year and then began to get back on track for 4 months and then will become irregular again. I'm not sure why does anyone have any thoughts? I take my pill everyday, sometimes i forget and i feel like it sets my period off. i don't know much about thyroids but i do feel like it has affected my periods. I have gained 30 some pounds after all that. I am only 17 years old and i was just wondering if that it normal after three years to still have an irregular period even after being on snythroid for 2 years.

browynnath said...

This was a great article. I was diagnosed 7 years ago; am on synthroid, and still don't have it quite right. Going to ask for natural thyroid this next appointment (this week!).

GreenFertility said...

I'm going back to Armour, too!

Anonymous said...

I used to be hypothyroid. I took synthroid for about 5 or 6 years. I finally worked with a Chinese medicine person who gave me specific Qi Gong exercises to do to reset my system. After doing them for about 4 months I worked with my GP to slowly wean me off the synthroid meds. At the end of the very slow process (reduced 1/4 grain per month) we took my TSH levels and they were normal!! That was 4 years ago and I am still doing great. If I feel myself start to get tired/fat/slow/ etc., I start doing the exercises again.

In Chinese medicine the thyroid, the kidneys and the reproductive system are all connected. Thyroid malfunction indicates an imbalance that would affect all three. Acupuncture is definitely worth considering as an alternative to life long drugs that cause osteoporosis too. The bones are also part of the system controlled by the kidneys and in western medicine it is recognized that the calcium levels in the body are controlled by the thyroid as well.

So I am very happy to neither be a Munchausen Harpie anymore nor dependent on drugs that create other long term problems...

Anonymous said...

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desiccated porcine thyroid said...

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