Monday, August 28, 2006

Book review: You Can Get Pregnant Over 40

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 is a self-published e-book, so I was a bit skeptical about it, but after reading it, I was impressed with the author, Sandy Robertson's, thoroughness. What's even more interesting, I think, is how she started with artificial reproductive technology (ART), specifically, in vitro, which made her feel terrible, stressed, and even worse, blew out one of her fallopian tubes.

Then, when she chucked it all, cleaned up her act, body and mind, she subsequently succeeded at becoming pregnant FOUR times in her 40s with only one tube, and finally had a daughter at age 44. In her own words:
I spent years reading and doing research on natural methods to enhance fertility. I wanted to get pregnant on my terms without relying on more expensive consultations and treatments by paid professionals. My research led to a specific pregnancy protocol which prepared my body
Her way may not be your way, but her tips on hormone balancing, pelvic massage, stress reduction echo a lot of common sense advice, and as she says, it's inexpensive.

And, again, wholistic things you do to nurture your fertility comes around to enhance your health, so why not? And if you are doing IVF, etc., these tips won't hurt that and may help as well.

The FertilityBitch thus recommends.

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Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

If you look on ITunes, you can find a few different Podcasts which are completely FREE about Fertility and infertility. I just think they are interesting. You might want to check some of them out. One i have looked at would be No Pea in the Pod. It is about one woman who is goign through a rough time with infertility.