Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun picnic food- kim bap

(notice the smiley face?)


Garlic scrapes

Carrots and Mushrooms

This is part of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) series, otherwise known as WHAT TO DO WILL ALL THESE VEGGIES!

Today we're making kim-bap, seaweed wrapped rice, which is the KOREAN version of the Japanese sushi (and who copied whom is up for debate). Anyway, how else to celebrate Victory over Japan day, a quasi-racist, certainly anti-Asian holiday for which Rhode Island is the only state of the union to observe this weirdness? This means mail, but no garbage pickup today, and I'm sure a lot of people are heading to the beach.

Anyway, we have supported our local CSA* for years. It's a little $$, but it's nice to eat local, get to know our farmer(s), and the freshness (organic!) can't be beat (beet?). The challenge is using up this profusion of beautiful veggies.

Kim-bap is great because you can put anything you like, with rice. Here I'm using our CSA garlic scrapes (raw!), mixing with a little shitake 'shrooms cooked in soy sauce, plus tiny CSA carrots.

I also have weaned myself away from the devilishly convenient but toxic teflon-coated Asian rice cookiers and just boil brown rice myself in glass Visionware cookware.

So get your nori seaweed, place the rough side up, coat with rice (spatula) leaving 1/4" at the end, put the goodies at one end and roll up. Wet your finger on the plain end and the seaweed will self seal, and you can make your own smiley face.

If you're going on a picnic and don't want the hassle of bringing a little dish of soy sauce, you can put a little salt in the rice, or, I like to make hamburger and season it with a ton of soy sauce, green onion, ginger, sea salt, and it seasons itself, not to mention, it keeps well, and you can leave the forks behind: i.e., THE PERFECT PICNIC FOOD.

Bon apetit and happy v-j day!

*Read more about CSAs from Local Harvest.
Our CSA in Rhode Island.

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