Thursday, August 03, 2006

No-Plastic Wrap Watermelon Consumption tip

I gotta admit upfront: this is a MAN FERTILITY idea.

I'm not happy about all the plastic wrap they use on the slices o' watermelon you get in the store: first it's more plastic waste, and second, the melon is sitting there with all the flesh in direct contact with all those endocrine-disrupting plastics (rule of thumb: the more flexible the plastic, usually the worse it is for you--i.e., the more easily it transfers to food--never microwave with plastic wrap!).

Our local market had organic watermelon slices, but in addition to the plastic, underneath there was some weird plasticy pad, like a pee-pad you put on baby's bed. So of course I asked, and they said it's "to soak up the juice."

Of course, whole watermelon is a pain because once you open it, you have 7 lbs of watermelon to store, and you may again wrap it in plastic wrap. MAN FERTILITY came up with this idea to just chop off the top and scoop up the goodies as we go along. This melon then fits in the fridge fairly nicely, topped with a piece of waxed paper held on with a rubber band.

I wish I woulda thought of that!

Want to know more about plastics and other endocrine disruptors? Check out this nice get-you-up-to-speed summary from the the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

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