Saturday, August 19, 2006

Two Fertile Times per Cycle

Okay, multiple orgasms, why not multiple fertility?

I had JUST (not kidding) been pondering on why I and other friends had become pregnant at times when we were SURE we were not in a fertile part of my cycle.

A friendly email pointed me to a concept of "lunar fertility," where you may have a second fertile "chance" where the phase of the moon matches with the phase of the moon when you were born. Strange idea, maybe, but people getting pregnant when having sex at times they KNOW are safe is still unexplained (i.e., the idea of the rhythm method is nice...but...)

According to this lunar/loony theory, if your birth moon-phase matches with your regular ovulationtime, it's ESPECIALLY fertile. Couldn't hurt to try, ey?

Check this out, as it might be helpful to anyone actively trying or trying not to become pregnant!

p.s. the above site tries to get you to buy a fertility calendar, but here's a nice website that will calculate your lunar fertility for free:


Anonymous said...

Dear Fertility Bitch,

I'm presently trying accupuncture and herbal teas to become pregant, and I also read my acupuncturist's book on fertility. He wrote that the whole temperature method thing can be innaccurate, and too often couples only get busy during that time and then wind up frustrated and turning to IVF.

I actually blame capitalism with it's 60 hour work weeks for my infertility. Too tired! So I keep on thinking of your picture of the lady bugs, and this "lunar" fertility makes sense to me. Regular passionate sex and maybe then more women can get pregnant, even during those supposed "off days"!


GreenFertility said...

Dear Ali,

Thank you for writing this. I will be posting a review of a self-published book by a woman who tried IVF, blew out a tube, and decided to chill out and go natural--including de-stressifying--and became pregnant a bunch of times in her mid 40s!

Additionally, The Fertility Bitch has received numerous anonymous emails from women who've decided to provide a "welcoming spiritual environment" for a baby, and--boing!--here she comes! I used to be qutie teh rational hard-bitten type, but I do think there's something to this.

AND I think you're absolutely right about the capitalism thing. Not only is it spiritually negative (so goal oriented!), but you can easily explain it scientifically from an evolutionary point of view--no baby wants to be born during times of stress, which is why the birthrate goes down during wartime!!! There is an absolute wisdom to that, so as long as your adrenals are pumping, etc., your body becomes more acid, more stress marker in the blood and so forth.

And I totally agree: Regular passionate sex and maybe then more women can get pregnant, even during those supposed "off days"!

Wouldn't anyone want their child to be conceived in a moment of joy and passion?

Good vibes to you!


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff here.


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chrystyne said...

Dear Marie,

I'm REALLY, REALLY interested in this whole lunar cycle thing because we've been trying for baby #2 for 14 months with no luck. The link you provide to get your lunar fertility calendar for free doesn't come up. Am I suppose to click somewhere else on this page or does this site no longer exist. Hopefully it still does because I want to use this method in hopes of conceiving.


GreenFertility said...

The links worked for me--try the "check it out" link.

Also, try emailing Nadia at and tell her you were sent by the GreenFertility blog--they also do lunar calculations. The woman who commented above is pregnant!

Unknown said...

Hi Marie,

I forgot my password so my identity name is now different. Anyhow, I emailed Nadia last week but she never got back to me. Oh well! Also, it was the "fertility-rhythms" site that I am unable to access for the free charts. Thank you for trying to help me out. By the way, that's awesome news about Ali being pregnant! She's one extremely lucky lady!


GreenFertility said...

Yeah, that link doesn't work for me. FWIW I think Nadia's calculations were better...

Anonymous said...

hello there,

I actually have a 3 mo. old boy - dylan ocean - sitting right next to me, who was concieved using my lunar fertility cycle...I had been trying for 9 months for my second child- the very first time I tried using my lunar fertile time - and had intercourse no other time in my cycle, only on that day - I conceived!!!!! u can e-mail me if u want for the chart i used...

GreenFertility said...


I'd love your chart, could I post it?

What's your wishingstone jewelry, may I ask? I collect those stones with the circular quartz marks at the beach and call them wishing stones :)

p.s. one of the other people who posted on that post got pg, too (she also quit her stressful job) and has the most lovely little girl! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

This post is old, but it does come up on google searches so I felt like commenting.

You can't blame capitalism for a 60 hour work week. I don't know many people at all who work 60 hours a week who aren't men. I think eating properly is important too, bringing your own lunch to work instead of eating pies next door.

There is nothing wrong with goals, sometimes you can distract yourself from there purpose. Even this site was set up as a goal. There was always times of stress in our past. There was always bills or taxes to pay, family members were having problems, the pressure of religion and hunting to be done. Capitalism isn't perfect but it contributes to freedom of choice, including organic choices.

My two random cents.

Anonymous said...

So I have a question... one site I went to for Lunar Calendar scared me! I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months and have been unsuccessful so I thought I would give the Lunar Fertility Calendar a try. The site gave a "risk" rating for each Lunar Ovulation. It stated the higher the risk number the higher the likelyhood there will be a problem with your child. So now I am stressed out and worried that something is going to be wrong if I do conceive.

There is no explanation of how they come up with this risk factor number. Can anyone tell me if this risk factor is accurate? How is your risk factor determined? What types of problems occur? Does anyone know anyone that had a high risk factor rating? What were the challenges if any that they faced?

Thank you-

The Camp Clookey Family said...

Hi Green Marie,

I'm sorry I never responded to you last summer.... I completely forgot to e-mail you back (chalk it up to being a new mom and all those nursing hormones!!) Fortunately I've had some of your readers read my previous post and e-mail me asking me for the calendar I used...(3 people have requested it in the past 2 or 3 months!!) So I did a search to find this old post and saw your message again...I'd love for you to post the link to the website so people can order their own calendar:
You just scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit your info.~
If for some reason the link doesn't work the name of the website is and the report is called "free" Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview (you don't even need to pay for the "expanded overview" one if you don't want to.
As for the anonymous "risk factor" question above - this calendar i used simply puts a double asterisk next to each month that you have the highest probability of concieving a healthy child- so it's an easy process to just pick the months w/ the ** next to it and go for it on your lunar fertile day!
BTW...Green Marie I used to make jewelry and that was my business name ...mostly gemstone and beads, and some sea-glass I picked up by the lake well. Smile.
Good Luck to all of you who are trying~Baby Blessings!,
New Moon Marie
P.S. my son Dylan Ocean is also namesake of Bob Dylan - I saw you live in his hometown...