Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ideal Bite: Great Tips for Eco Living

Changing the world all at once can seem like such a daunting task that it might drive you not outward be inward into the sofa with a comforting but non-biodegradeable bag of Doritos. That's why I look forward to my daily Ideal Bite tip in my in-box every morning (as so 90,000 other readers, including environmentalist extraordinaire, Laurie David). These are easy, interesting, fun tips (plus a "cocktail factoid" with which to impress people at parties) that if just some people follow them some of the time, can add up to a huge eco impact.

Plus, I loooove what I call their "Sex In the City meets Treehugger" style. Nice going, Ideal Biter Writers!

But wait! There's more! If you subscribe now you'll have the extra eyeful of a "guest bite" by the FertilityBitch. The many hours I spent on my single tip to get it to the quality of their daily posts was quite eye-opening as to how much work and research goes into these easy-to-read tips.

My own cocktail factoid about IdealBite: I saw some banner ad for them, and misread "Humane Veal" as "HUMAN VEAL,"' and of course thought, "Geez, I gotta check this out!" Check it out (and subscribe) yourself here.

Or, if you just gotta press da button:

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