Thursday, November 02, 2006

More on the mind-body connection

That skull I'm holding in the picture below actually opens up into a deconstructable brain model like the one pictured here.

But what I want to talk about is not the brain but the mind. There's been some nice discussions here about the mind's role--positive and not-so--in conception, and I really do believe that a refrain of "I'll never get pregnant," "I'm too old," etc., is not too very helpful.

The flip side of it is enlisting your mind to work for you. Like most things in life, it's not as easy as it sounds. Nadia MacLeod's Fertility site is such a treasure trove of info. She was nice enough to let me reprint a proproprietary lesson on "affirmations." Again, something to be filed under can't hurt might help. I remember hearing somewhere that we only use 10% of our brain's capacity or something like that.

The body mind connection is a powerful tool that you can use to help
you conceive more quickly.

The first step to harnessing its power is to understand how the mind
works. The mind is comprised of two sections, the conscious and the
subconscious mind.

The conscious mind takes up about 12% of the
resources available and controls such things as rational and logical thought.

The subconscious mind makes up 88% and stores beliefs and habit,
memory, personality, and self-image.

Whilst it is easy to be aware of what is happening in the conscious
mind is, it takes a lot more effort to become aware of what is
driving us from the subconscious.

In the context of trying to conceive, especially if you have been
trying for a little while. It's important to become aware of some of
the belief systems, memories or self image that you may hold in your
subconscious that could be holding you back.

Keeping a journal can be a good way to keep track of what's going on
internally. In times of stress it's important to have a release
valve to keep track of emotions, thoughts, and the little voices in your head that
might be hindering your progress.

By keeping a journal and allowing yourself to have some free
flow. You can write down all the things that are bugging you. And if
you find that you have recurring themes going on, for example, "
this is taking too long" or "I'm never going to get pregnant" or "My
body is not doing what it I want it to" then you can take steps to
put a stop to them. As sure as eggs, if you have any type of negative
thought constantly running in the background it will be hindering
your progress to some degree.

When you find a specific negative thought running in your head
through your journal writing. Then you can create an antidote to
this thought to add to your affirmations list. For example, for the
thought "I'm never going to get pregnant." You could replace it with
something like "my body is healthy and fertile and receptive to pregnancy."

You would then add this specific affirmation to your list, and repeat
it to yourself every day. You might write it out and place it in
prominent spots around your house and car so your subconscious really
gets the message.

And if throughout the day, you find yourself
falling back into the habit of affirming that you're never going to
get pregnant, then you would picture a big red X going through that
thought in your head and you would replace it immediately with your
selected affirmation antidote - in this case "my body is healthy and
fertile and receptive to pregnancy".

For your affirmations to be most effective. It is essential that you
state them in the present tense, and that they be meaningful and
relevant to you.


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