Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Review: Deborah Lindquist Clothes -- Awesome!!

Deborah Lindquist is a fucking design genius! Her clothes are wonderfully witty, totally wearable, AND made of eco friendly fibers, or, in the case of my skull sweater-vest, "reincarnated" vintage cashmere, which due to its age and the fact you don't use pesticides in cashmere, gives it a very fertility friendly profile.

Also, my two current motifs are skull and peace sign (she makes a rockin' peace sign scarf), and her stuff just seems so karmically imbued with happy hopeful goodness. I was ever more impressed when I queried her about her last name (half the people in the small hometown Bob Dylan and I share are xxx-Quist something), and indeed she, too, is a small-town Minnesota original. Whadaya know.

Every time I wear this on campus (here I am supposedly working on my novel, which does have to do with skulls) or even on a trip to the KGB Bar, in the middle of the East Village, where many people struggle so painfully to look hip and original, people comment on my Lindquist works of art (indeed, they are all handcrafted and unique).

This kind of quality does not come cheap, but for me (more usually a skulking habitue of Providence's most excellent Salvation Army), so rarely is an item of clothing so artistically inspirational AND sustainable and non toxic at the same time. Guess you know what's on the FertilityBitch's Christmas wish list...

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Anonymous said...

Summer, who writes for our site, has been pimping her stuff for a while - I totally dig it too. The corset dresses are gorgeous also. Love the hats -
You look great in the vest!! That would look awesome with some brite color under it - like a long sleeve yellow thermal...