Friday, November 17, 2006

Pixie Mate for Mate Latte

Pixie Mate is delightful.

There's the Mate concentrate, which comes in an aseptic pack, like Oregon Chai, that you can just add your rice milk to, or whatever, and it makes a nice fancy coffee-like drink.

And MAN FERTILITY, who is not crazy about the ‘smoky’ flavor of mate is nuts for the Pixie Mate Limon in a bag (but, he says, it is hurting his manliness to have to be drinking something called "Pixie" and I request that they come up with a "Spike" mate for him with the exact same ingredients, or, I could just use Wite-out). However, he deeply enjoys the antioxidants and the nice, let-down-free lift, and so has gone through an entire box of Limon already.

I've noticed that mate is an ingredient in some fertility supplements like Ovulex.

Why Yerba Mate is so good for you: Clean Energy for Your Bod

Have a Green weekend!


Alotta Errata said...

Just what I need!Now that I'm in the final stretches of fall semester I've become a walking coffee shop (fair trade organic of course!) and I'm worried about what happens when I try to break the habit.

I think I"ll have to check this stuff out.

GreenFertility said...

Yes, their chai tastes very much like chai--yum!

hautenature* said...

Love Pixie Mate, in fact its hilarious--it is what I am drinking right now as I read your blog. Go Boulder, Colorado!

GreenFertility said...

Oooh, I love Boulder, too. Good bookstores, nice peeps. Your blog looks very interesting, too.