Thursday, November 30, 2006

A pause for OJ publishing gossip

This tidbit is from a publishing newsletter I get, and has nothing to do with sustainability or human fertility (in fact, quite the opposite), but needs to be categorized somewhere around that Wal-Mart Black Friday video, i.e., some category like Is Our Society Going to Hell in a Handbasket? Many of us in the writing world have been looking on in horror at the whole OJ/Judith Regan/Fox News/HarperCollins (one of my publishers---eeek!) debacle. The depths people are willing to go...

(from Publishers Lunch)

More Juice
On Thursday, the AP reported that OJ Simpson did receive money directly for his participation in the aborted HarperCollins book and promptly spent it...

News Corp. has at least admitted how much they paid for the project--$880,000--but still won't identify the third party to which the money went. And the company persists in asserting that Simpson wasn't supposed to get any funds. But in a radio interview on Wednesday, Simpson laughed at the company's front: "Would everybody stop being so naive? Of course I got paid."

Not to mention that Judith Regan, the editor in question, was the one trysting with Bernie Kerik in an apartment near Ground Zero that was supposed to be for rescue workers. Eeeek!

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