Sunday, November 26, 2006

Regular Column: Ask Green Fertility

Some recent questions:

Miranda asked, where do you get those wood-based cellophane bags?

GF answers:

Anonymous (1) and (2) asked, (1) what's your recipe for your bars and (2) how can I get my kids to eat spirulina?
(and the way I cook, all measurements are approximate!!!)

7 oz container (or thereabouts) organic dried dates (uh, pitted, please, but also watch out for pit fragments--I split them myself)

4 Tblsp flax in 8 Tblsp water--preferably soaked overnight, or at least an hour (it should turn into a satifyingly gooey mess)

1-2 HEAPING Tblsp organic spirulina powder (health food store)

1/2 cu raw cashews (soaked cashews are nice)

1/4 cu agave syrup or other sweetener

pinch good sea salt

You can also add hemp protein flour, other nuts, whatever your heart desires--even a carrot or two.

Grind it all up in a high-speed blender like the Vitamix (food processor will do, but it doesn't get the texture as nice). Texture should be that of drippy peanut butter--it should ooze off the spoon.

Then, the optimal way to dry: drop into bar shapes (or horsie shapes or whatever the $)(#*$$#* you want!) onto a Teflex dehydrator sheet (you could also use parchment paper on a cookie sheet), then dehydrate at 105 F until desired texture is achieved (24 hours), and then store in aforementioned cello bags.
The bright GREEN color is quite attractive. I love these bars for mindless eating, and daily spirulina is very alkalinizing to the body.

Info on the dehydrator I use (I'm not totally crazy about my Vitamix, btw, esp. the $500 price tag).

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