Monday, November 27, 2006

The True Cost of Things

"OMG, you paid FIVE DOLLARS for those eggs?"

I, too, am affected by the Wal-mart must-get-everything-as-cheaply-as-possible-to-hell-with-everyone-else, and for a second I did think, "Oooh, I'm crazy to spend so much on eggs."

However, these are fresh, unwashed eggs I get from Xiong, one of the organic farmers at the Brown weekly farmer's market. Now, when I picture her raising all her cool veggies (flowering Asian broccoli a huge favorite of ours) and the work that must go into raising these chickens, I think, would *I* do that just for five bucks for a carton of all that hard work?

These eggs are so fresh from the chicken's butt we do not refrigerate them. The yolks stand up at attention. And yes, I eat them the Korean way, semi-raw, and do not worry about salmonella. Oh, and did I mention they are delicious, probably because the chickens run around eating bugs and grubs and things they are supposed to? Five bucks for a dozen actually seems unconscionably cheap to me. I'm going to tell my friend to think about it, next time she gets a dozen pale, tasteless, dead eggs for two bucks at theh Stop N Shop.

Who has the better deal?


MomTFH said...

YES! Thank you. After all, it is only three dollars. Some people can truly not spare three dollars, but most of these people do not have internet access!

I hate being told by people they won't pay the extra dollar or two for organic produce, but pay for prepared food all the time. I cook from scratch as much as possible, and I think I win in the end.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your eggs! Yummy semi raw.


GreenFertility said...

Yay local eggs. I agree that organic-local food can seem elitist, but then again, from my casual observation, people seem to freely spend $5 on soda or on cheap crap at Walmart, where we refuse to go. In fact, we refuse to shop much at all these days. I have no shame about mooching off my neighbors (e.g., when we need to borrow a table or lawn furniture, etc.) and put that $ to food.

And yes, cooking from scratch is so much better, although I'm always cursing because (like today) I forgot to soak the rice last night. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this on the way to the train today, as I was scolded on a cooking blog for my grass-fed, local foods diet. Yup, I was called an "elitest". However, back in the day people spent a much higher percentage of their salary on food than we do today.

My husband and I have budgeted for this and we have decided to choose quality produce, eggs and local raw dairy over cable t.v. and fancy restaurants.


Third Mom said...

Yes indeed, you are so right!

Hope you had an wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carla said...

Exactly. Its not like I'm rolling in dough, but there are a lot of other things I don’t spend money on: processed food, red meat and so on. Give me $3 organic eggs (the average cost in the Bay Area) any day!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I spend so much money on groceries, but once you really educate yourself it is impossible to go back.
I too try to shop locally. It was easier in California. Not so easy on the East Coast. I buy all our meat, eggs, fresh full fat yogurt, raw cheeses at our local farmers market. I love it!

I sometimes think...I am going to bankrupt this family with my high standards....but what can I do? I also avoid buying useless garbage so hopefully it balances out. We are anti-consumerism, but pro-health! and most natural and alternatives come with a cost. what can ya do?

GreenFertility said...

Full-fat YESSssssss. We cook a lot with ghee (clarified butter), put sesame oil on top of stuff (Korean thing)...and haven't blimped out. I think my diet was too lowfat before...ironic.

And yes, Einstein said not all things that count can be counted and not all things that can be counted count.

Health = wealth.

Anonymous said...

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