Monday, January 22, 2007


We just joined Urban Greens coop here in Providence, which is kind of a buyers club and is in the process of creating a retail store.

It's kind of a neat thing--the co-op buys directly from local farmers, beekeepers, herbalists, and there's also access to an association catalog where we can buy stuff in bulk. I bought 9 lbs of buckwheat soba noodles...they just came--plop--in some old box...saved a lot on all the pesky plasticky packaging.

There's annual dues, and each member of the co-op works for an additional discount. We packed root veggies one day and our regular job is as Spanish translator.

And while I do depend on Whole Food for many things, I'm really really enjoying getting off the grid even more!

Read more about the joys of co-oping at Eco-chick.


~elise said...

I picked up my first installment of CSA farmfresh organic eggs today...and, sorry veggies, i bought bacon too!...can't wait to get our next batch of superfresh goodies and we'll be signing up for the upgrade vegetable plan soon too! I learned about it here first! Thank you Green Fertility! :)

GreenFertility said...

Oooh, I'm so happy for you, Elise! We were going to have friends over last week so I made them a cake, but they had to cancel. They came last night and I made the same cake again, but this time--whoa!--it was rising all over the place. Only diff: farm fresh local eggs. Before it was (sad to say) industrially farmed organic eggs from WF.

Good for you and thanks for helping save the environment! And I'm jealous...mmmmm...bacon.