Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome, Bodhi and Sloane! Congrats Kim!

Let's wish a big ol' happy candy heart to Kim, whose awesome babes rushed into the world a bit early two days ago. But thanks to Kim's spirit and wisdom about nourishing body and soul, these guys are a really, really nice size for twins. Safe mommy and baby (and, happy daddy) whoppee!

You did it, Kim!

Born 01/16/07 @ 2:03 and 2:05 PM, via emergency
c-section -- we are the proud and grateful parents of
two beautiful yet premie babies!

Bodhi James Walsh was first to enter the world with a quiet
and humble little cry. He weighed 4lbs./12.8 oz, he is
17.5" tall and his cranium is 12.5" oblong. His first
name is best defined as "Spiritual Awakening" in the
Buddhist tradition. He has earned this name with his
peaceful demeanor and ethereal good looks. His middle
name is in honor of his paternal Grandfather, James

Sloane Bateman Walsh entered in her own style by biting the
Dr.'s finger as he attempted to help her clear her
mouth for her first breath! Entering the world feet
first, kicking, she is fiesty and perturbed that her
pipsqueak brother popped the timer a few weeks short
by "abrubting" his placenta from the uterus
prematurely. She weighed 5 lbs. 3.2 oz. and is a
towering 18.25" tall with a 13" round head of thick
dark hair. She has already earned the meaning to her
name-"Warrior" with her stern and strong demeanor. Her
middle name is in honor of her maternal Grandfather,
Walter Bateman Allen Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Marie you are such a sweetheart. The babes are still in NICU but seem good. I am baby blues central, having a hard time leaving my little ones in the care of otehrs, but knowing that we need their help right now!
I am going to be in a hotel pumping etc.. while the little ones are still in hosp.
Thanks for all the good juju.