Thursday, January 11, 2007

REVIEW: Patagonia Water Girl

I've long admired the Patagonia Company for their commitment to the environment. I was looking for some hemp paper, and saw that they also use hemp paper for their office. They've also committed themselves for years to using only organic cotton (why non-organic cotton is bad, see here). But on my short, scrawny ectomorphic self, their clothes looked like feedbags, and smalls were still too big (with a lot of clothes, actually--I'm beyond a 0 in Banana Republic, even though I don't buy their clothes!).

My other ectomorphic friend suggested shopping juniors, and i could sort of do without the sequins and belly-baring shirts. At least now, ta-dah! Water Girl to the rescue! Patagonia sent me a whole style book so I could see the depth of their fashionable, organic, and super functional "W" clothes, from shirts to pants to jackets and swimsuits. Finally something (like this awesome v-necked hoody-without-the-hood) that can go to work and play and is organic!

Doesn't it look nice with my Loomstate jeans?

Here it is in Green Fertility green.

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Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

ano, you are wayyyyyyy too thin. but I do like the clothes.
Since I have nothing to ramble about i will end my post now (^_^)

(how is your son doing?)